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Saturday, May 14, 2011 to Give Away iPad 2 to Facebook Fans to Give Away iPad 2 to Facebook Fans

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Following a triumphant showing at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in
Portland, Oregon as the major sponsor, humor news and video website,, is giving away an Apple iPad 2 to one lucky FaceBook fan as
part of a special giveaway. ...

Facebook's stealth attack on Google exposes its own privacy problem

CNN International
But last night we learned that the cowardly accuser was Facebook. Thus
exposed, Facebook has 'fessed up. This is a stunning story for a number of
reasons. But here's what makes the least sense -- if there were privacy
problems about Facebook ...

Twitter and Facebook publication banned for first time in injunction

The Guardian
A high court judge has issued an injunction that mentions Twitter and
Facebook for the first time. ,Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian A
high court judge has issued an injunction which for the first time
explicitly bans publication of ...

Facebook rolls out new log-in security feature

TG Daily
The process of logging into Facebook just got a bit more secure and a bit
more complicated... but only if you want it. The new feature, called Login
Approvals, requires users to 'authenticate' any new device before they are
able to log into Facebook ...

Report: 9 of 10 online Pinoys on Facebook

A whopping nine out of ten Filipinos who are online are on social
networking site Facebook, an online financial news site reported this week.
24/7 Wall St said that this catapulted the Philippines to the top of a list
of nations where Facebook ...

Virtual casino on Facebook is just for fun

Las Vegas Review - Journal
By Chris Sieroty DoubleDown Interactive LLC, maker of DoubleDown Casino
games, operates what is arguably the most popular online casino that many
people in the gambling capital of Las Vegas -- even if they're on Facebook
-- have never heard of. ...

Facebook Ads Management Tool, SAT, Now Available For Small and Medium Businesses

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
With Facebook Ads now well and truly a powerhouse in CPC/CPM advertising,
most agencies are looking towards third party campaign management solutions
to get the most value out of their advertising efforts. Up until recently,
these precision tools have ...

Starz to Launch 'Camelot' Social Game on Facebook

Hollywood Reporter
The beta launch of the game, which is simply called Camelot: The Game, on
Facebook is set for later in the day Friday. The consumer launch is
expected for the coming weeks. People who register on Facebook and enter
the password "Merlin" will be ...

Jordanians protest for Palestinian right of return

The Associated Press
AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Heeding a call from Palestinian Facebook organizers,
several hundred Jordanians have taken to the streets of the capital
demanding a sovereign Palestinian state and that refugees be given the
right to return. ...

Drudge Report Drives More Traffic than Facebook or Twitter

PR Web (press release)
It drove more links than Facebook or Twitter." Intermarkets, Inc., a
privately held advertising sales management services firm, manages the
Drudge Report's online advertising. "This new Pew Research study is
further proof of the power the Drudge Report ...

Facebook status lands assistant DA in hot water

Seguin Gazette-Enterprise
SEGUIN - Next time Assistant District Attorney Larry Bloomquist conducts a
trial, he probably won't talk about it on Facebook. Wednesday, 274th
Judicial District Judge Gary Steel held the veteran prosecutor in contempt
of court for comments he posted ...

Sunday Drive update includes Facebook check-ins

prMac (press release)
Sharing routes with others is now much easier, plus you can check-in using
Facebook along different points of interest. One of the most important
upgrades is the record function, which effectively allows you to log your
road trip as you drive, ...



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EXPOSED: Facebook's Plan To Plant Anti-Google Stories in the Press

EXPOSED: Facebook's Plan To Plant Anti-Google Stories in the Press

By Stan Schroeder
Facebook has admitted hiring a PR firm to "raise concern" about
Google's privacy practices, but the campaign backfired when an agent from
the firm was caught trying to "help" a prominent blogger write a
critical piece on one of Google's ...
Mashable | The Social Media GuideBusi...

Facebook paid PR firm to pitch journalists negative Google stories ...

By Nathan Olivarez-Giles
Facebook admitted to hiring a PR firm to pitch news outlets and bloggers
stories criticizing a Google feature called Social Circle. Social Circle
collects and tracks data on the social media activity of a Google user and
their friends.

Sleazy PR Firm Throws Scummy Facebook Under The Sordid Bus

By MG Siegler
It's pretty rare for a story to be one part sad, one part fascinating, and
twenty parts sleazy. Luckily, Facebook and Burson-Marsteller have just
handed exactly that to us on a silver platter. As you've undoubtedly seen
by now, ...

Facebook and Twitter are TV's new 'power brokers' - Lost Remote

By Cory Bergman
"Facebook and Twitter are now power brokers for the global television
industry," explains the executive summary. "Their ability to create new
business opportunities and engage viewers, boosting advertising and pay-TV
revenue, ...
Lost Remote

Facebook ups security with Login Approvals – Tech Products & Geek ...

By Matthew Humphries
May. 12, 2011 - Facebook has more users than any other service on the
Internet, so you can imagine it draws hackers like a honeypot tryng to
break in and steal information.

Facebook Partners with Security Startup, Protects Users From ...

By Dan Rowinski
Facebook and Internet security startup Web of Trust have announced a
partnership today that will protect users from clicking potentially
malicious links from the social media platform. Web of Trust (WOT) is a
company that determines ...

Facebook Teams Up With Web of Trust

By Martin Brinkmann
Web of Trust is a community driven website reputation service. It is
available as a look-up service on the company website, and as an automated
software for.
gHacks Technology News | Latest...

Google Smear Campaign Leaves Facebook Looking Desperate

By The Huffington Post News Editors
A failed attempt to discredit Google in an ongoing war to capture users,
good will, and user information has backfired, hurting Facebook's
reputation. The social networking company's efforts to launch a smear
campaign against Google ...
The Full Feed from

Facebook Fesses Up To Being Behind Google Smear Campaign - The ...

By Chris Morran
Earlier this week it was revealed that a top PR firm was, on behalf on an
unnamed client, testing the waters of the blogosphere, trying to find
writers to post anti-Google items with promises of getting that content
linked on bigger ...
The Consumerist

Facebook Caught In Anti-Google Smear Campaign: Pics, Videos, Links ...

Facebook Caught In Anti-Google Smear Campaign: How does the 2nd most
trafficked site in the world plan on becoming #1? By hiring a PR firm to
plant negative stories about the competition! Here's a brief point-by-point
recap of what you ...
BuzzFeed - Latest

Facebook Hired Ex-Reporters To Smear Google |

By Perez Hilton
Mark Zuckerberg, say it ain´t so! While we aren´t surprised to see big
companies using bullshizz tactics like this, why would Facebook need to?
Yeah, Google is huge and all, but...
Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity...

Facebook's stealth attack on Google exposes its own privacy ...

By steven
But here's what makes the least sense—if there were privacy problems
about Facebook information in Google Social Circle (which has now been
transformed into a different product called Social Search), they may well
have been a result of ...



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Oops: Facebook caught planting anti-Google stories to press ...

Oops: Facebook caught planting anti-Google stories to press ...

By Devindra Hardawar
Devindra Hardawar is VentureBeat's lead mobile writer and East Coast
correspondent. He studied philosophy at Amherst College, worked in IT ...

Technolog - Facebook's Google smear campaign outed

By Suzanne Choney
Facebook, working hard to shore up its own reputation as a company that
plays loose with users' privacy, admits to using a PR firm to spread
malicious information about Google's privacy practices to the media.
Newsvine - Technolog - Articles

BUSTED: It Was FACEBOOK That Hired A Former CNBC Reporter To ...

By Dan Lyons
Confronted with evidence, a Facebook spokesman last night confirmed that
Facebook hired Burson, citing two reasons: First, because it believes
Google is doing some things in social networking that raise privacy
concerns; second, ...
SAI: Silicon Alley Insider

Facebook Restricts Authors' Ability To Host Contests - GalleyCat

By Jason Boog
Facebook updated its strict contest guidelines this week, stating that all
contests must be hosted on a Canvas Page or Page Tab created inside Apps on
Facebook. Contests must include a "release of Facebook" for every
participant as well ...

Facebook hired a PR agency to dish the dirt on Google. But it ...

By Paul Sawers
Dan Lyons from The Daily Beast revealed this tantalising little tidbit
earlier today, and it looks like the negative coverage Facebook was seeking
to gain for its arch nemesis has been caught in a gale and thrown straight
back at them. ...
The Next Web

PR FIRM: Facebook Asked Us To Do Something Sleazy And We Never ...

By Henry Blodget
An earlier portion of the statement includes Facebook's view of what it
asked Burson-Marsteller to do: "bring public information to light." The
following paragraph, however, makes clear that Burson-Marsteller's view is
that that was not ...

Facebook Doesn't Care If You Like How They Do Business, Period

By Frank Reed
A post today by Andy Beal outlines the efforts by Facebook to create a
smear campaign against Google by hiring ...
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet...

Buddy Media Buys Spinback, Denies Facebook Sale Rumors | Peter ...

By Peter Kafka
The rumor mill wants Facebook to swallow Buddy Media. But CEO Mike Lazerow
says he's a buyer, not a seller. Today he's picked up Spinback, which helps
retailers navigate Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Kicked Off Facebook

By Adrian Chen
It's safe to say Indianapolis bankruptcy lawyer Mark S. Zuckerberg is the
second -most famous person named Mark Zuckerberg in the entire world. That
didn't keep Facebook from deleting his account because the social network
thought he was ...

Facebook Admits to Smear Campaign Against Google Day After App ...

By Dylan Stableford
"Now that Facebook has come forward, we can confirm that we undertook an
assignment for that client," the PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, wrote in a
statement to USA Today. "The client requested that its name be withheld on
the grounds that ...
<> - Entertainment Industry...

Principals in the Facebook-Google PR Brouhaha Come Clean | Liz ...

By Liz Gannes
Now that Facebook's secret PR campaign to question alleged privacy issues
in Google's "Social Circle" feature has seen the light of day, the key
parties are owning up to their roles.

Facebook Paid for a Secret Anti-Google Smear Campaign

By Brian Barrett
What to do when you're not quite the most popular girl but so desperately
want to be prom queen? Start trashing Ms. Perfectpants behind her back!
Normal enough for high school. Kind of pathetic if you're Facebook.



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Caught! Facebook admits running anti-Google campaign

Caught! Facebook admits running anti-Google campaign

By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld - Facebook has been caught hiring a
well-known PR firm to plant anti-Google stories in the media. Both Facebook
and the PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, admitted Thursday to trying to get
journalists and bloggers to write ...

Facebook stomps out 'Nicole Santos' hoax, but it lives on

by Elinor Mills Facebook pages opposing the Nicole Santos hack sprang up on
the site in the wake of the hoax. Facebook has fixed a bug that allowed
malware to take over accounts and spread over night, but the "Nicole
Santos" hoax has turned into a ...

Facebook's Newest Wall

MIT Technology Review (blog)
Facebook is now warning members not to click dangerous links as part of a
suite of new security steps announced today. It revealed it's using WOT, or
Web of Trust, whose community-based rating tools will fuel the pop-up
warnings. ...

Marketer Beware: 7.5 Million Facebook Users Are Kids

Specifically, the companies in question are the ones that use Facebook to
connect with customers and promote their products and services. According
to a recent report, a shockingly large number of the Facebook users they're
likely reaching are actually ...

Facebook lets you tag Pages in photos

Washington Post (blog)
By Hayley Tsukayama A minor tweak on Facebook now lets users tag Pages in
photos on the site. Now, for example, if you attend a live show you can tag
your pictures with the artist's name. The feature, which the social network
rolled out on Wednesday, ...

Facebook Beefs Up Security With New Login Approvals

Facebook has just introduced a security feature intended to protect against
malware and chat hijackings. The site will now challenge attempts to access
your account from an unrecognized device, using a setting that Facebook
calls login approvals. ...

Google Versus Facebook: Following the Money

If you've been disconcerted by the news that Facebook was conducting a
smear campaign against Google, perhaps a little look at the financials
might clear up a few key points. Both companies have already been in fierce
competition for online ad dollars ...

Will BitTorrent be the New Facebook?

PC Magazine
Enter Chrysalis, which replaces the maze of folders and codecs that current
torrent users must navigate with a UI that's got big, simple buttons and
the clean lines of a Facebook page. The beta project lets users find
content on the Internet via the ...

Reps. Markey, Barton Press Facebook Over Security Flaw

Huffington Post
Lawmakers are once again pressuring Facebook to explain its privacy
policies after a report revealed a Facebook security vulnerability
mistakenly gave third parties, including advertisers, a way to access to
users' profile information. ...

Iris recognition gadget eliminates passwords

by Lance Whitney Imagine logging in to Facebook or eBay with just a blink
of an eye. A new gadget for consumers may soon make that possible. EyeLock
will enable you to log in to a Web site with the blink of an eye. Designed
by the Hoyos Group, ...

Facebook tribute pages to dead student Emily defaced

New Zealand Herald
By Alanah Eriksen Facebook tribute pages to dead student Emily Longley -
including one with more than 16000 members - have been removed after they
were defaced with lewd photos and nasty comments. The 17-year-old aspiring
model's parents, ...

Microsoft: Watch out for phishing scams on Facebook

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Every once and a while, one will pop up in your Facebook inbox or news feed
– an interesting-looking link from one of your friends. You click on it,
then up pops another Facebook-looking Web page that asks for your Facebook
password, credit card number ...

The Mark Zuckerberg Booted From Facebook, And Other Techelgangers

Fast Company
This week, Mark S. Zuckerberg got kicked off of Facebook. Mark S.
Zuckerberg is not the same person as Mark E. Zuckerberg, who founded
Facebook, is currently its CEO, and whose profile on the site is presumably
secure. ...

How Secure Is Facebook's Social Verification System?

Facebook's new social verification process prevents the sort of collusion
that some security researchers had found via hypothetical means. Last week,
researchers at the University of Illinois said they were able to use
collusion to gain access to their ...

3 Bubbly `Net Sectors Riding Facebook's Wave
By Olivia Oran 05/12/11 - 02:36 PM EDT NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- An explosion
in valuations for private Internet start-ups Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
has caused inevitable discussions about the creation of a bubble in the
social networking space. ...

Facebook, Twitter May Help Employees Work Harder

By Margaret Rock | Thu May 12, 2011 3:23 pm Employees felt more productive
after browsing Facebook, Twitter and the Internet, according to a British
study, suggesting that "e-breaks" may increase workplace productivity
rather than hinder it. ...

Culture Monster switching to Facebook commenting system

Los Angeles Times
The system requires commenters to sign in through their Facebook accounts.
People without Facebook accounts will not be able to leave comments.
Readers will have the option of posting their Culture Monster comments on
their Facebook walls, ...

CivWorld Relies On Multiplayer, Multiple Game Types To Conquer Facebook

Inside Social Games
By AJ Glasser Console game publisher 2K Games' first Facebook effort,
CivWorld, has been a long time coming at just over 18 months in
development. The game is shooting for an open beta phase launching this
summer following an alpha phase begun in ...

Facebook Marketer Buddy Media Acquires Social Analytics Provider Spinback
With Facebook expected to outpace Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) as the biggest outlet
for display ad dollars in the US this year, any company that has even an
ancillary connection to the number one social network is going to be in
play. ...

Enable E-Commerce Directly on a Facebook Page with sellSocial

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Most businesses attempt e-commerce on Facebook by establishing a
storefront, which either redirects the user to the merchant's own dot-com
site, or redirects the user to an intermediary e-commerce-enabled site
which charges the business a percentage of ...

Investing meets social networking

By Stacey Delo, MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Beyond sharing
photos, news and witty comments across Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, some
companies are hoping you want to get social with serious subjects —
including investing. ...

Lady Gaga Joins Facebook Game Farmville Selling 'Gagville'

Music Talkers
One of the most popular names in pop; Lady Gaga has teamed up with one of
the biggest sensations on the internet; Farmville. The singer and the game
have joined forces to create a new neighboring in game farm which is due to
go live on May 17 and will ...

Commentary: On Facebook, never 'friend' a realtor and other advice for grads

Kansas City Star
It is once again my pleasure to address the graduating class. Please listen
carefully, as our menu options have changed. First off, keep these goofy
hats you're wearing. You never know when you'll be invited to a royal
wedding. ...

Golfer's Crossing Opens May 14th and announces new Facebook Page

VillageSoup Belfast
By Dream Local | May 12, 2011 CAMDEN/ROCKPORT, ME – Golfer's Crossing
would like to announce their opening Saturday, May 14 th , and the debut of
their Facebook page! Located on the Camden/Rockport town line, Golfer's
Crossing provides fun and ...

Turkey: PM Attacks Facebook For Lack Of Censorship

Eurasia Review
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Thursday the social
networking website of Facebook for the lack of censorship over the
unethical material published on it. Erdgoan said, at a mass rally held in
the midwestern province of Balikesir ...

Can sales via Facebook replace online retail?

MSN Money
By InvestorPlace on Thu, May 12, 2011 10:40 AM Everyday millions of people
catch up with a buddy on Facebook, play games or just share something
that's own their minds with the world. So why wouldn't users just do a
little shopping while their updating ...



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Why Did Facebook Disable Mark Zuckerberg's Account?

Why Did Facebook Disable Mark Zuckerberg's Account?

Is Facebook in the process of eating its own? Is some kind of mutiny
against Zuckerberg occurring, or is this just a case of mistaken identity?
If you answered "yes" to the last option, you nailed it because the
Mark Zuckerberg being discussed is not ...

Facebook's black-ops PR campaign against Google

by Don Reisinger There's already no love lost between Facebook and Google
in the realm of social networking. And now Facebook has been caught trying
to spread some some additional ill will toward its would-be rival. ...

Is The Third Time The Charm For Congressmen Concerned With Facebook's Privacy ...

Facebook said in a statement Tuesday that the particular problem had been
fixed immediately and that an investigation "revealed no evidence of this
issue resulting in a user's private information being shared with
unauthorized third parties." Reps. ...

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg's Number 2, On Keeping The Company ...

Huffington Post
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave Bloomberg Businessweek a rare account of
her role as Mark Zuckerberg's right hand at the world's largest social
network. A former Googler, Sandberg joined Facebook in 2008 to provide
"adult supervision" for the growing ...

Police urge Aussies not to be "plankers"

Herald Sun
Picture: Planking Australia Facebook Source: Supplied A photo of someone
planking a police vehicle as part of the internet craze. Picture: Planking
Australia Facebook Source: PerthNow Pictures like this have angered police,
who say the craze is ...

Is Facebook Leaking Your Information To Third-Parties? (blog)
By Damien Scott, | May 12, 2011 | 11:11 am | Permalink According to a new
report by Symantec, the popular anti-virus and security company, Facebook
apps for years have been unintentionally leaking user info to third-party
companies. ...

Facebook App Helps Musicians Collect Unclaimed Royalties

Mashable (blog)
RootMusic, maker of the Facebook app BandPage, teamed with performance
rights non-profit SoundExchange to put that money in the right hands.
Musicians garner royalties whenever their music is streamed on the Internet
or played on digital satellite ...

Morning Tech Wrap: Google, AT&T, Facebook

Forbes (blog)
Facebook has denied allegations that third-party advertisers have been able
to access sensitive data for millions of Facebook users for years. The
allegations, which were leveled at Facebook by security software firm
Symantec, were denied immediately, ...

Yes Men hoax uses Twitter, Facebook to put Big Coal on the defensive
"Coal Kills Kids" set up a Facebook widget for people to
"recommend" the website and a Twitter account under the handle
@CoalCares. It could be that Yes Men's tactics have come into their own in
a generation defined by irony. While critics of fake news ...

Facebook Pal Buddy Media Buys a Startup, Isn't Selling to Facebook

All Things Digital
by Peter Kafka Buddy Media a fast-growing company that helps advertisers
navigate Facebook, has bought Spinback, a recently hatched company that
helps retailers navigate Facebook. But before we get to that, this seems
like a good time to ask Buddy ...

At last, Sid Meier readies Civilization World social game for Facebook

Sid Meier, the acclaimed game developer at Firaxis and creator of the
Civilization strategy game series, has been working on the Facebook version
of the game for more than 20 months. It will be interesting to see if it is
worth the wait, ...

Facebook scam lures victims with iPhone 5

A new Facebook scam is making the rounds, hooking victims with promises of
news about Apple's iPhone 5. A blog entry on M86 Security Labs said that
the scam starts with someone in the victim's social network "commenting" on
a post claiming to be from ...

How Does Renren Compare to Facebook?

Investment U
And of course, everyone is awaiting Facebook's IPO, which won't happen for
another year at least. In the meantime, analysts are touting Renren as
"the Facebook of China." And while the two companies do share certain
similarities, they also differ in ...

BranchOut brings jobs to Facebook pages

TG Daily
BranchOut, the largest specialized networking service on Facebook, released
its newest product yesterday, the Jobs Tab. BranchOut's Jobs Tab
distributes job openings to a company's Facebook Page and makes it easy for
Facebook users to apply, ...

Early Iron Bowl? Facebook page calls for Alabama-Auburn scrimmage for tornado ...
(Eric Schultz / The Huntsville Times) TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- In the wake of
the April 27 tornadoes, another fundraising idea has sprung up on Facebook
-- one that calls for an Alabama-Auburn football game before the regular
season. ...

Why I Don't Like Your Brand On Facebook

Fast Company
I recently undertook a simple Facebook experiment, inspired by a brief
Monday morning rant from my boss: "This morning my yoghurt told me to find
it on Facebook. It didn't tell me why, it just told me to find it. Why on
Earth would I want to find a ...

The Skype Microsoft Deal, Facebook and the Business of Super-Large Numbers

Forbes (blog)
By HAYDN SHAUGHNESSY Does Skype's deal with Microsoft expose the frailty of
Facebook's valuation? In one sense Facebook's valuation looks
copper-fastened, supported by big names in the investment world. There is
however a caveat that needs airing. ...

Facebook, Google execs back startup Typesafe

Mass High Tech
By Galen Moore Greylock Partners and executives from Facebook and Google
are putting $3 million into a new Cambridge company that aims to
commercialize a fast-growing, open-source computer programming language.
Typesafe Inc. is providing subscription ...

Newt Gingrich Launches 2012 Presidential Bid on Twitter, Facebook

PC Magazine
On March 21, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty used Facebook to
officially announce his bid for the GOP ticket, followed by Mitt Romney on
April 11. Less surprisingly, incumbent President Barack Obama announced on
Facebook that he will seek his ...

Royal Hat Making Headlines

It has it's own facebook page, and now it's up for auction. What's getting
all this attention? A hat. A hat seen round the world. Kate Middleton made
headlines for days with her dress, but what's making headlines weeks later
is the hat Princess ...

Facebook Poised to Pass Yahoo (YHOO) and Google (GOOG) for Display Ad Lead in 2011

By TraderMark Some interesting data via on the phenomenon that is
Facebook. The company looks to be on the path to be the leader in display
ads (by revenue) by the end of this year. Facebook's large user base will
make it the world's largest ...

Investing meets social networking on some websites

By MarketWatch Beyond sharing your photos, news and witty comments across
Facebook or Twitter, some companies are hoping you'll get social with
serious subjects — including investing. But financial advisers say
investors should proceed cautiously. ...

Free Redbox Movie Night for Facebook "Likes"

Family movie night in our house is Friday, but we may make it Thursday this
week -- if I'm willing to shamelessly give up one of my precious Facebook
"likes" to Redbox. And you can do it yourself -- "like" the Redbox Facebook
page -- to get a special ...

Should Facebook Post Keep Student From Marching in His Graduation?

SodaHead News
by SodaHead News Posted May 12, 2011 11:00:00 (8 minutes ago) Facebook can
get you in all kinds of trouble: it can lose you a potential job, tip your
wife or girlfriend off to some risky business or bring an unwanted ex back
into your life. ...



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