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Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Get 700% Better Facebook Advertising Results

How To Get 700% Better Facebook Advertising Results
By Brian Carter
Do you advertise on Facebook? What if you could maximize your results by
quickly and easily testing multiple images, headlines, body copy and
audience targets?
All Facebook

Bookmarklet Lets Facebook Users View the "Friend Rankings" List of ...
By Josh Constine
Facebook users can currently see the usually hidden list of which friends
they interact with most by running a line of JavaScript through a
bookmarklet created by developer Jeremy Keeshin. When the bookmarklet is
clicked while one ...
Inside Facebook

The Dude Abides On Facebook Via Universal –
The Coen Brothers' cult classic The Big Lebowski, the 1998 comedy that
stars Jeff Bridges as The Dude and spawned an annual Lebowski Fest for avid
fans, will be the first film offered by Universal for rent on Facebook. ...

Facebook App Kidnaps You, Cuts You Up, Puts You in a Sack | Adweek
By Rebecca Cullers
Back in June, I wrote about Intel's Museum of Me, which used information
from your Facebook page to create a little online museum dedicated to your
awesomeness. Now, social-media marketing agency Doodem in Germany has taken
the ...
Adweek : Advertising & Branding

Watch The Big Lebowski On Facebook, Dude! |
By Perez Hilton
Yeah, you can do that now. Have at it! If you are an avid lover of The Coen
Brothers, you´ve probably seen The Big Lebowski more times than you care
to admit. Extra points go to you if you...
Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity...

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Colleges Turn to Facebook to Connect with Students

Colleges Turn to Facebook to Connect with Students

State Journal

It does not use Facebook for recruiting or in admissions decisions. By

Stacy Jacobson BUCKHANNON -- West Virginia Wesleyan junior Jessica Wagner

is almost always using Facebook in some way. She even uses it to check up

on her school. ...


Can Newt Gingrich Win the GOP 2012 Nomination?

U.S. News & World Report

By US News Staff Twitter and Facebook users will reportedly get a big

(unsurprising) announcement today when Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

declares his candidacy for the GOP's 2012 presidential nomination. But can

he win? Gail Collins from the New ...


Education and Tech Experts Release New Facebook Guide for Educators

Sacramento Bee

By Facebook PALO ALTO, Calif., May 11, 2011 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Starting

today, educators around the country have a new online tool that will help

them communicate better with their staff and students when it comes to

social media. ...


Who's Running for President in 2012?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich officially announced on Facebook and

Twitter that he would run for the Republican presidential bid. Along with

Gingrich, as of now, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, former Minn. Gov. Tim

Pawlenty and Sen. ...


Search for Sarah Townsend, missing Burlington County teen, turns to Facebook

BY BOB HOLT The Help Find Sarah Townsend-Missing from New Jersey Facebook

page asks followers to use a flyer about Sarah's disappearance as their

profile picture to pass the word along to anyone who may have knowledge.

The page owner, Rose For Krista, ...


The Palestinian Facebook Intifada and Campaign for Unilateral Statehood

Following the lead of political activists who galvanized protests against

Arab autocracies in recent months, Palestinian activists launched a

Facebook campaign calling for a "Third Palestinian Intifada" on May 15,

the annual observance of what the ...


Retailers open stores on Facebook

The Facebook homepage of Mark Zuckerberg is displayed on the Internet on

December 15, 2010. Zuckerberg, 26, has been named Time magazine's "Person

of the Year" for 2010. Zuckerberg is the CEO and co-founder of Facebook.

UPI MENLO PARK, Calif., ...


Facebook page created for stray cat shot with arrow, now recovering

The cat, dubbed "Bow," had been roaming the area near US 131 and Burton

Street, according to information on a Facebook page for the cat. Neighbors

in the area had been feeding the animal, but had not seen the cat in recent

days. ...


Sid Meier's Civilization Franchise is Coming to Facebook


Gaming Blog IGN reported today on a possible Farmville killer in the works

for the Facebook gaming scene. CivWorld is new Facebook game whose

production is being helmed by 2K games, Sid Meier, the mastermind behind

the long running, uber-successful ...


Newt Gingrich Makes It (Facebook) Official

Council on Foreign Relations (blog)

Newt Gingrich announced today via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that he is

running for president. As the New York Times's Matt Bai points out, if

Gingrich succeeds, he would be the first person since Dwight D. Eisenhower

to win the presidency without ...


Facebook fanaticism can distract from serious studying

Oregon Daily Emerald

Logging onto Facebook. Suddenly, your comprehension of the material in

front of you begins to fade, and you continue to waste your time looking

and laughing at photos from that party last weekend. Do you ever wonder

what college would be like without ...


Startup FlickLaunch Debuts Movie Distribution Platform

Hollywood Reporter

Filmmakers pay at least $250 to upload their movie on the Facebook fanpage,

where users can view it as part of an effort to build an audience. Aiming

to be a "filmmaker's friend," startup FlickLaunch kicked off its new movie

distribution platform built ...





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Facebook app leak allows data access, change your password –

Facebook app leak allows data access, change your password – Tech ...

By Lee Mathews

May. 11, 2011 - It's more or less a given that Facebook is still sharing

more of your information than you'd like it to despite its increased

attention to privacy and.



Facebook Now Allows You To Tag Pages In Photos

By Leena Rao

Facebook has launched a new feature today for photo tagging that is sure to

make brands and celebs happy. Now, you can tag photos with a brand,

product, company or person's Facebook page, similar to the way you tag your

friends in ...




A Facebook Tragedy

By Scary Mommy

Today, I wasted a few hours poking around on Facebook. I clicked through a

few weddings of strangers, some newborns I don't know and really weren't

all that cute and RSVP'd no to every virtual event I've been invited to for

the past ...


Scary Mommy: An honest look at...


You Can Now Tag Pages in Facebook Photos

By Brenna Ehrlich

The social network has added the ability to tag Pages in Facebook photos.




Why You Should Probably Change Your Facebook Password

By Ryan Tate

Security researchers discovered that Facebook leaked user access tokens to

advertisers, exposing their chat, photos and profiles. Facebook says

there's no evidence any such data was used, but the security guys suggest

changing your ...




Facebook announces photo tagging for pages | Ubergizmo

By George Wong

In an attempt to make Pages more unified with the rest of Facebook, the

company has officially announced that starting [...]




TV weatherman sings song to court Facebook friends - Lost Remote

By Cory Bergman

Aaron Perlman is the morning weather guy for KBAK-KBFX TV in Bakersfield,

California. When the morning show crew launched a "Facebook Face-off"

— a race to see which on-air talent could drive the most new Facebook

friends — Perlman ...


Lost Remote


Why Facebook Needs Sheryl Sandberg | Brad Stone | Voices | AllThingsD

By Brad Stone | Senior Writer, Bloomberg Businessweek

Technology entrepreneurs and their investors have a new name these days for

that coveted breed of executive who can join a fledgling startup and guide

it through the hazardous stages of hyperkinetic expansion: a Sheryl



Voices on All Things Digital


Congressmen Edward Markey and Joe Barton ask Facebook to explain ...

By Jessica Guynn

Congressmen Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe Barton (R-Texas) have asked

Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg to explain a security vulnerability that

gave advertisers and other third parties access to users' accounts and

personal ...




Facebook apps accidentally leak personal data, Symantec says | BGR

By Todd Haselton

According to security firm Symantec, some advertisers on Facebook may have

had access to your person profile, photographs and chats thanks to a

security leak that was enabled by close to 100000 Facebook applications.





Facebook Artist Pages, Brought to You by... MySpace? - Digital ...

By presnikoff

As part of its ongoing handshake with Facebook, MySpace is now offering a

tool to easily translate MySpace Music pages into Facebook Pages and tabs.

And once transferred, a change on MySpace Music replicates onto Facebook,

good news for ...


Digital Music News


Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Makes Operations Personal | Liz Gannes ...

By Liz Gannes

Bloomberg BusinessWeek just posted Brad Stone's lengthy cover story about

Facebook's No. 2 exec Sheryl Sandberg and her highly effective soft power.







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Teenage girls' Facebook photos are Constitutionally protected speech

Teenage girls' Facebook photos are Constitutionally protected speech
Ars Technica
By Eric Goldman | Published August 18, 2011 11:21 AM It appears we will get
a steady stream of legal rulings about teens being teens while playing
around with Facebook accounts. The last time we blogged on this topic, In
re Rolando S., ...

Unsocial Networking: Is Facebook Blocking Google+ Links?
Fox News
A composite image shows some of the more than 250000 profiles "borrowed"
from Facebook to launch a dating site. A Google executive posted a video
suggesting Facebook is blocking friend links on the rival network -- a
claim Facebook quickly described as ...

Facebook, Yahoo to Test 'Six Degrees of Separation' Theory
By Jared Newman, PCWorld Aug 18, 2011 8:19 AM Yahoo is tapping Facebook's
massive social network to test the old "six degrees of separation" theory.
It's about time. The theory holds that any two people in the world can be
linked through a chain of six ...

Police: Pa. Facebook target likely slain over pot
Sacramento Bee
By MARYCLAIRE DALE AP PHILADELPHIA -- Police near Philadelphia say a man
who was shot earlier this week was likely killed for selling bad drugs, not
because his girlfriend sought out a hitman on Facebook. Police in Upper
Darby on Thursday charged a man ...

Gain Facebook Fans With Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Facebook page posts, applications, ads and sponsored stories can be
combined to run integrated marketing campaigns. Together, they can get
people to take an action such as liking your page. Here's how. Integrated
campaigns take advantage of all of ...

Veteran teacher suspended for gay bashing on Facebook; 'almost threw up' about ...
New York Daily News
BY Philip Caulfield Jerry Buell, a high school teacher in Florida, was
suspended for posting anti-gay remarks on Facebook. Should employees be
held accountable for things they say on Facebook or Twitter? Yes. People
should know to be cautious when ...

Ceglia has bad day in Facebook lawsuit
Buffalo News
By Dan Herbeck Wednesday was not a good day in Buffalo's federal court for
Paul Ceglia, the Wellsville businessman who claims to be the co-inventor of
the Facebook social networking website. During a rancorous four-hour
hearing, Ceglia's attorneys lost ...

Facebook Suspensions Anger Many Posting for a Cause
By Kathleen Ramunni Over the past few days, many Facebook users who work in
animal rescue have logged into their accounts only to get an unwelcome
message: their accounts have been suspended for 15 days for violating its
terms of use for spamming. ...

Jackie Chan lives, but so do celebrity death hoaxes
Christian Science Monitor
Jackie Chan: A Facebook Page proclaiming that Jackie Chan had died of a
heart attack on Aug. 17 caused a stir. But the fake news was also old news.
Jackie Chan poses with students at an even for Operation Smile on Aug. 6.

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