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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oops: Facebook caught planting anti-Google stories to press ...

Oops: Facebook caught planting anti-Google stories to press ...

By Devindra Hardawar
Devindra Hardawar is VentureBeat's lead mobile writer and East Coast
correspondent. He studied philosophy at Amherst College, worked in IT ...

Technolog - Facebook's Google smear campaign outed

By Suzanne Choney
Facebook, working hard to shore up its own reputation as a company that
plays loose with users' privacy, admits to using a PR firm to spread
malicious information about Google's privacy practices to the media.
Newsvine - Technolog - Articles

BUSTED: It Was FACEBOOK That Hired A Former CNBC Reporter To ...

By Dan Lyons
Confronted with evidence, a Facebook spokesman last night confirmed that
Facebook hired Burson, citing two reasons: First, because it believes
Google is doing some things in social networking that raise privacy
concerns; second, ...
SAI: Silicon Alley Insider

Facebook Restricts Authors' Ability To Host Contests - GalleyCat

By Jason Boog
Facebook updated its strict contest guidelines this week, stating that all
contests must be hosted on a Canvas Page or Page Tab created inside Apps on
Facebook. Contests must include a "release of Facebook" for every
participant as well ...

Facebook hired a PR agency to dish the dirt on Google. But it ...

By Paul Sawers
Dan Lyons from The Daily Beast revealed this tantalising little tidbit
earlier today, and it looks like the negative coverage Facebook was seeking
to gain for its arch nemesis has been caught in a gale and thrown straight
back at them. ...
The Next Web

PR FIRM: Facebook Asked Us To Do Something Sleazy And We Never ...

By Henry Blodget
An earlier portion of the statement includes Facebook's view of what it
asked Burson-Marsteller to do: "bring public information to light." The
following paragraph, however, makes clear that Burson-Marsteller's view is
that that was not ...

Facebook Doesn't Care If You Like How They Do Business, Period

By Frank Reed
A post today by Andy Beal outlines the efforts by Facebook to create a
smear campaign against Google by hiring ...
Marketing Pilgrim - Internet...

Buddy Media Buys Spinback, Denies Facebook Sale Rumors | Peter ...

By Peter Kafka
The rumor mill wants Facebook to swallow Buddy Media. But CEO Mike Lazerow
says he's a buyer, not a seller. Today he's picked up Spinback, which helps
retailers navigate Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Kicked Off Facebook

By Adrian Chen
It's safe to say Indianapolis bankruptcy lawyer Mark S. Zuckerberg is the
second -most famous person named Mark Zuckerberg in the entire world. That
didn't keep Facebook from deleting his account because the social network
thought he was ...

Facebook Admits to Smear Campaign Against Google Day After App ...

By Dylan Stableford
"Now that Facebook has come forward, we can confirm that we undertook an
assignment for that client," the PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, wrote in a
statement to USA Today. "The client requested that its name be withheld on
the grounds that ...
<> - Entertainment Industry...

Principals in the Facebook-Google PR Brouhaha Come Clean | Liz ...

By Liz Gannes
Now that Facebook's secret PR campaign to question alleged privacy issues
in Google's "Social Circle" feature has seen the light of day, the key
parties are owning up to their roles.

Facebook Paid for a Secret Anti-Google Smear Campaign

By Brian Barrett
What to do when you're not quite the most popular girl but so desperately
want to be prom queen? Start trashing Ms. Perfectpants behind her back!
Normal enough for high school. Kind of pathetic if you're Facebook.



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