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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Socially Networked: 52% of Americans On Facebook, Similar Sites

Socially Networked: 52% of Americans On Facebook, Similar Sites
Forbes (blog)
Last year, 48% of Americans 12 years and older had created a profile on at
least one or more social networking sites like LinkedIn (LNKD) or Facebook.
This year, it's majority rule with 52% of Americans having a page on a
social networking site. ...

Google Powers Up '+1,' Offers in Facebook, Groupon Fight
PC Magazine
Meanwhile, the "+1" button has been seen as a Google answer to the nearly
ubiquitous Facebook "Like" button, which ties a Web site back to the
Facebook social graph. "Since we started rolling out the +1 button in
March, you've been able to recommend ...

Facebook video scam puts malware on Mac and Windows
By Robert McMillan IDG News Service - Facebook seems unable to stop
scammers from circulating malicious Web links that install fake antivirus
software on victims' computers. The scam was spotted Tuesday by antivirus
vendor Sophos. ...

Facebook Friends Bomb Each Other in Zynga's Empires & Allies
Escapist Magazine
Zynga is now trying its hand at the strategy genre with a Facebook title
called Empires & Allies. The game has players running their own island
nation, building an army, and protecting themselves from an evil tyrant
called "The Raven. ...



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Zynga's New Facebook Game 'Empires & Allies' Goes Live

Zynga's New Facebook Game 'Empires & Allies' Goes Live
PCWorld (blog)
By Matt Peckham, PCWorld Jun 1, 2011 6:24 AM Oh look, it's another Facebook
game from FarmVille social gaming behemoth Zynga. This one's called Empires
& Allies, and it's…well, you know Sarge and the Bucket O' Soldiers in Toy
Story? ...

Google's Eric Schmidt says he didn't push hard enough for deal with Facebook
Los Angeles Times
He admitted that he tried unsuccessfully to team up with Facebook, which
posed a major competitive threat to Google's advertising business, but that
the social-networking phenom rebuffed his efforts. But, said Schmidt, who
stepped down as chief ...

RockYou Buys Studio 3 Blokes To Build Social Combat Games On Facebook
Founded in 2006, 3 Blokes has developed four social games for Facebook,
including their most recent title, Galactic Trader, a space trading and
combat game with 200000 monthly active users. The acquisition also bring
RockYou a number of talented and ...

Why Marketers That 'Like' Results Must Spend With Care In Social Media
by Bob Fetter, 1 minutes ago There is no denying that Facebook has changed
the very nature of engagement on the web. So, it is no surprise brands are
looking to Facebook as a new, potentially fruitful channel for reaching
consumers- as they should. ...

Intel's 'Museum of Me' is Cool, Creepy Facebook Fun
By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, PCWorld Jun 1, 2011 5:32 AM If someone decided
to make a museum exhibit out of your life--or rather, out of your Facebook
life--what would it look like? Now you can find out, thanks to Intel's new
"Museum of Me" Facebook app ...

Facebook comments should make friendlier
The Columbian
All readers who wish to comment on stories must now use their
real name and post their remarks with a Facebook account. Facebook comments
will introduce to accountability similar to what's required
to publish Letters to the ...



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