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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Facebook Begins Auto-Grouping Friends Into Smart Lists ...

Facebook Begins Auto-Grouping Friends Into Smart Lists ...
By Greg Kumparak
Sometime recently, Facebook began rolling out "Smart Lists" to select
users — which, as the name implies, intelligently groups certain obvious
groups of friends into pre-packaged lists. Take that, Google Plus! So far,
it looks like Facebook is ...

Technolog - Facebook will automatically organize your friends
By Rosa Golijan
At this point Facebook probably knows who your friends are better than your
own mother does, so it's no surprise to hear that the social network is
intending to help you save time by automatically organizing your friends
based on their ...

Facebook grows to become Asia's fourth largest nation - TNW Asia
By Aayush Arya
New statistics released by Ogilvy show that Facebook is continuing to grow
in Asia, becoming the region's fourth largest nation.
The Next Web

Giant Thinkwell Ditches Facebook Games, Dives into the "Live Web ...
By Curt Woodward
The Seattle startup that put hip-hop legend Sir Mix-a-Lot back in the
national headlines is making a big shift. Giant Thinkwell, a member of the
first Seattle.

Digital Life - Oprah's live Facebook show a hit
By Suzanne Choney
Oprah Winfrey got a whole lot more Facebook friends Thursday — not that
she needs them, mind you.
Digital Life

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