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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Caught! Facebook admits running anti-Google campaign

Caught! Facebook admits running anti-Google campaign

By Sharon Gaudin Computerworld - Facebook has been caught hiring a
well-known PR firm to plant anti-Google stories in the media. Both Facebook
and the PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, admitted Thursday to trying to get
journalists and bloggers to write ...

Facebook stomps out 'Nicole Santos' hoax, but it lives on

by Elinor Mills Facebook pages opposing the Nicole Santos hack sprang up on
the site in the wake of the hoax. Facebook has fixed a bug that allowed
malware to take over accounts and spread over night, but the "Nicole
Santos" hoax has turned into a ...

Facebook's Newest Wall

MIT Technology Review (blog)
Facebook is now warning members not to click dangerous links as part of a
suite of new security steps announced today. It revealed it's using WOT, or
Web of Trust, whose community-based rating tools will fuel the pop-up
warnings. ...

Marketer Beware: 7.5 Million Facebook Users Are Kids

Specifically, the companies in question are the ones that use Facebook to
connect with customers and promote their products and services. According
to a recent report, a shockingly large number of the Facebook users they're
likely reaching are actually ...

Facebook lets you tag Pages in photos

Washington Post (blog)
By Hayley Tsukayama A minor tweak on Facebook now lets users tag Pages in
photos on the site. Now, for example, if you attend a live show you can tag
your pictures with the artist's name. The feature, which the social network
rolled out on Wednesday, ...

Facebook Beefs Up Security With New Login Approvals

Facebook has just introduced a security feature intended to protect against
malware and chat hijackings. The site will now challenge attempts to access
your account from an unrecognized device, using a setting that Facebook
calls login approvals. ...

Google Versus Facebook: Following the Money

If you've been disconcerted by the news that Facebook was conducting a
smear campaign against Google, perhaps a little look at the financials
might clear up a few key points. Both companies have already been in fierce
competition for online ad dollars ...

Will BitTorrent be the New Facebook?

PC Magazine
Enter Chrysalis, which replaces the maze of folders and codecs that current
torrent users must navigate with a UI that's got big, simple buttons and
the clean lines of a Facebook page. The beta project lets users find
content on the Internet via the ...

Reps. Markey, Barton Press Facebook Over Security Flaw

Huffington Post
Lawmakers are once again pressuring Facebook to explain its privacy
policies after a report revealed a Facebook security vulnerability
mistakenly gave third parties, including advertisers, a way to access to
users' profile information. ...

Iris recognition gadget eliminates passwords

by Lance Whitney Imagine logging in to Facebook or eBay with just a blink
of an eye. A new gadget for consumers may soon make that possible. EyeLock
will enable you to log in to a Web site with the blink of an eye. Designed
by the Hoyos Group, ...

Facebook tribute pages to dead student Emily defaced

New Zealand Herald
By Alanah Eriksen Facebook tribute pages to dead student Emily Longley -
including one with more than 16000 members - have been removed after they
were defaced with lewd photos and nasty comments. The 17-year-old aspiring
model's parents, ...

Microsoft: Watch out for phishing scams on Facebook

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Every once and a while, one will pop up in your Facebook inbox or news feed
– an interesting-looking link from one of your friends. You click on it,
then up pops another Facebook-looking Web page that asks for your Facebook
password, credit card number ...

The Mark Zuckerberg Booted From Facebook, And Other Techelgangers

Fast Company
This week, Mark S. Zuckerberg got kicked off of Facebook. Mark S.
Zuckerberg is not the same person as Mark E. Zuckerberg, who founded
Facebook, is currently its CEO, and whose profile on the site is presumably
secure. ...

How Secure Is Facebook's Social Verification System?

Facebook's new social verification process prevents the sort of collusion
that some security researchers had found via hypothetical means. Last week,
researchers at the University of Illinois said they were able to use
collusion to gain access to their ...

3 Bubbly `Net Sectors Riding Facebook's Wave
By Olivia Oran 05/12/11 - 02:36 PM EDT NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- An explosion
in valuations for private Internet start-ups Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
has caused inevitable discussions about the creation of a bubble in the
social networking space. ...

Facebook, Twitter May Help Employees Work Harder

By Margaret Rock | Thu May 12, 2011 3:23 pm Employees felt more productive
after browsing Facebook, Twitter and the Internet, according to a British
study, suggesting that "e-breaks" may increase workplace productivity
rather than hinder it. ...

Culture Monster switching to Facebook commenting system

Los Angeles Times
The system requires commenters to sign in through their Facebook accounts.
People without Facebook accounts will not be able to leave comments.
Readers will have the option of posting their Culture Monster comments on
their Facebook walls, ...

CivWorld Relies On Multiplayer, Multiple Game Types To Conquer Facebook

Inside Social Games
By AJ Glasser Console game publisher 2K Games' first Facebook effort,
CivWorld, has been a long time coming at just over 18 months in
development. The game is shooting for an open beta phase launching this
summer following an alpha phase begun in ...

Facebook Marketer Buddy Media Acquires Social Analytics Provider Spinback
With Facebook expected to outpace Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) as the biggest outlet
for display ad dollars in the US this year, any company that has even an
ancillary connection to the number one social network is going to be in
play. ...

Enable E-Commerce Directly on a Facebook Page with sellSocial

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Most businesses attempt e-commerce on Facebook by establishing a
storefront, which either redirects the user to the merchant's own dot-com
site, or redirects the user to an intermediary e-commerce-enabled site
which charges the business a percentage of ...

Investing meets social networking

By Stacey Delo, MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Beyond sharing
photos, news and witty comments across Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, some
companies are hoping you want to get social with serious subjects —
including investing. ...

Lady Gaga Joins Facebook Game Farmville Selling 'Gagville'

Music Talkers
One of the most popular names in pop; Lady Gaga has teamed up with one of
the biggest sensations on the internet; Farmville. The singer and the game
have joined forces to create a new neighboring in game farm which is due to
go live on May 17 and will ...

Commentary: On Facebook, never 'friend' a realtor and other advice for grads

Kansas City Star
It is once again my pleasure to address the graduating class. Please listen
carefully, as our menu options have changed. First off, keep these goofy
hats you're wearing. You never know when you'll be invited to a royal
wedding. ...

Golfer's Crossing Opens May 14th and announces new Facebook Page

VillageSoup Belfast
By Dream Local | May 12, 2011 CAMDEN/ROCKPORT, ME – Golfer's Crossing
would like to announce their opening Saturday, May 14 th , and the debut of
their Facebook page! Located on the Camden/Rockport town line, Golfer's
Crossing provides fun and ...

Turkey: PM Attacks Facebook For Lack Of Censorship

Eurasia Review
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Thursday the social
networking website of Facebook for the lack of censorship over the
unethical material published on it. Erdgoan said, at a mass rally held in
the midwestern province of Balikesir ...

Can sales via Facebook replace online retail?

MSN Money
By InvestorPlace on Thu, May 12, 2011 10:40 AM Everyday millions of people
catch up with a buddy on Facebook, play games or just share something
that's own their minds with the world. So why wouldn't users just do a
little shopping while their updating ...



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