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Monday, May 16, 2011

'Enable Dislike Button' scam spreading on Facebook

'Enable Dislike Button' scam spreading on Facebook

ZDNet (blog)
You can also follow him on Twitter Upon clicking on the what looks like a
recently added genuine Facebook feature, users are exposed to a "Follow
the steps below to get the Dislike button" instructions page similar to
the one seen in the Osama ...

Reputation Management – Do unto Others

Print CEO
By Elizabeth Gooding on May 16th, 2011 I believe that last week's Facebook
PR slime-fest was, sadly, not so much unusual as merely large-scale and
clumsily executed. Facebook has admitted to engaging public relations firm
Burson-Marsteller to pitch ...

Microsoft, Facebook, Govt Legislation Led Security News

A recap of the past week's IT security news featured Microsoft Patch
Tuesday, Facebook security and the latest cyber-security bills in Congress.
Lawmakers in Washington, DC introduced more cyber-security and online
privacy bills in Congress last week. ...

How to keep safe from Facebook scams and spams
And Facebook is the currently the hottest and happening destination in the
online world. While Facebook on its part is implementing new security
measures to keep you safe online, the real responsibility lies with the
user. 1. Be a sceptic. ...

Companies shouldn't ban Facebook at work: Can it be used properly?

ZDNet (blog)
By Zack Whittaker | May 16, 2011, 1:23am PDT Nearly half of UK companies
ban Facebook and Twitter at work. Facebook can be a means for good — if
it is used properly by employers and employees alike. Zack Whittaker,
criminologist who studied at the ...

UK Bosses Ban Facebook Over Reputation Fears

eWEEK Europe UK
Nearly half of UK businesses – 48 percent – have banned their employees
from using social networking sites at work over the past year, according to
a new survey of 2000 UK employees. The survey, carried out by HCL
Technologies with Lewis PR, ...

Man Dies As a Result of New Facebook Craze, 'Planking'

"Planking" for those of you who just don't know is a new Facebook craze
in Australia. It basically involves people lying facedown on objects (like
a plank – get it?) while your friend, who doesn't want to tell you how
dumb you probably look, ...

UK Court Expands 'Super Injunction' Censorship Rules To Include Twitter & Facebook

The new injunction restricts the publishing of the woman's identity in
"any newspaper, magazine, public computer network, internet site, social
network or media including Twitter or Facebook, sound or television
broadcast or cable or satellite ...

Microsoft May Connect Skype With Facebook Says Analysts

Phones Review
However according to analysts although Facebook didn't acquire Skype they
may reap some benefit. According to an article over on PC World, The
Gabriel Consulting Group, analyst Dan Olds says, "Facebook could get a
little goodness out of the Skype deal, ...

Fast-food giants Papa John's, Yum! boost feedback on social media

Louisville Courier-Journal
Social media team member who monitors Tweets, and Facebook posts all day -
anything that mentions Papa John's and sometimes responds or alerts
management to emerging problems. (Kylene Lloyd, The Courier-Journal) May
11, 2011 / cj/cj Tweeting about fast ...

Facebook Friend of the Day 5.16.11

American Banking News
"Facebook Friend of the Day 5.16.11? is categorized as "local".
This video was licensed from Grab Networks. For additional video content,
click the "video" tab at the top of this page. If you are a new
American Banking & Market News reader, ...

Teen hipsters discover joys of analog photography

CNET (blog)
She designed her own Web site, is a Facebook aficionado, and is planning to
study media and communications at New York University this fall. Yet the
17-year-old, who lives just north of San Francisco, totes around an
artifact right out of the 19th ...

PBA Eastern Regional King Pin Open results

Press of Atlantic City is integrating Facebook into a new method for
commenting on stories on the site. This feature allows you to easily share
content and comments with your social network, and you will be able to see
what your friends and other ...


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More Windows Phone 7.5 features leak, Facebook chat built-in ...

More Windows Phone 7.5 features leak, Facebook chat built-in ...

By Tom Warren
Microsoft will integrate Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat and AOL
instant messenger into the messaging hub of Windows Phone 7.5. The people
hub will show Windows Phone 7.5 users which services they are currently
logged into. ...

still on facebook | Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist

By tomfishburne
Andrew Blakeley conducted an interesting "Find us on Facebook"
experiment recently after hearing his boss say: "This morning my yoghurt
told me to find it on Facebook. It didn't tell me why, it just told me to
find it. ...
Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist

Man Dies Due to A New Facebook Craze Called "Planking"

By Kwame Opam
An Australian man plunged to his death today, with officials saying the
fall was due to a new Facebook phenomenon called planking. Planking, or
strategically lying on peculiar things and snapping a picture of it,
suddenly seems less ...

The Semi-Unofficial Facebook Graph API Explorer

By Alex Stone
Facebook Graph The Facebook Graph API is great and in one year has
thoroughly upgraded Facebook's approach to its platform. The Graph API is
much simpler than previous iterations of Facebook's APIs and Connection
methods. ...

Facebook Fridays » Sa24mi02 Still Leads in facebook fridays on ...

By Seth Shafer
The $3.30 Facebook Fridays tournaments run each Friday at 20:00 CET, with
the password for each event available at the bwin Poker Facebook page. To
get the password, "Like" the page, then click the "Facebook Fridays" tab at
the left of ...
bwin poker blog

Beckham's Facebook page now has 10 million likes! | Firstpost

Soccer star David Beckham's Facebook page has gathered more than 10 million

Infinite Fb – Total Understanding of Facebook Ads | Dog Training ...

By John Hocking
A few Dog Training products I can recommend: Infinite Fb - Total
Understanding of Facebook Ads Infinite Fb is a step by step training
system, teaching people.
Dog Training Advice

no more posting lurid atrocity photos to facebook for you heroes ...

By niqnaq
A new threat has arisen recently, in the form of social networks such as
Facebook, to which soldiers have posted photographs and operational details
that tarnished the IDF's image and may also have jeopardized security. ...

Facebook: 'planking' pics drawing big audience

By Jay Cables
Facebook pages that have attracted large numbers of planking fans have pics
of plankers doing their thing on chimneys, the backs of camels, railway
lines, fire hydrants, escalators, street signs ... you name it. ...
Drive-by Times

Sourcing3 Buyer & Supplier Magazine - Facebook's New Messages ...

By admin
The platform appears to be an extension of Facebook's chat capabilities.
For example, communications won't have subject, "to," or "cc"
lines. Pay-per-click expert and Facebook guru Dennis Yu calls the new
Messages platform a tool that ...
Sourcing3 Buyer & Supplier Magazine

Facebook and Google Social Circle: Who is Actually Invading Your ...

By Sci/Tech - Google News and Google Social Circle: Who is Actually Invading
Your Privacy?PC World IndiaThe second half of last week started off with a
huge tussle between internet giants Facebook and Google. Reports flowed
about how ...

How Your Facebook Info Would Sound in the Real World [VIDEO]

By twitter:@mashsocialmedia
Trying to imagine our online behaviors in an offline world has been the
subject of many a viral video.The latest installment in this vein is "The
Offline Social Network." This clip comes from Australian comedy show
Hungry Beast and ...
TweetMeme - Technology



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If I die Facebook App: Death Can Catch You Anywhere, Anytime | Ads ...

If I die Facebook App: Death Can Catch You Anywhere, Anytime | Ads ...

By ivan
Challenge: 'IF i DIE', is a unique Facebook application that enables people
to leave a message that will only be published after they die. Since nobody
thinks they will die anytime soon, In order to encourage people to use this
app, ...
Ads of the World™

What Kind Of Facebook Poster Are You? [PIC]

What Kind Of Facebook Poster Are You?: Are you constantly getting
"unfriended " on Facebook? Maybe it's because you fall into one of these
ridiculous categories ...
BuzzFeed - Latest

Facebook Enables Photo Tagging For Pages. Some Marketing ...

By Ryan Spoon

Facebook quietly released an important product update for marketers and
page- owners: the ability to tag images with pages (in addition to people).
It's a simple.

Facebook meets the real world [video] - Holy Kaw!

Trying to bridge the gap between those worlds provides some pretty
hilarious moments for the guys at Hungry Beast as they try to get real
people to fess up to Facebook questions face-to-face. ...

Facebook/AIM chat, Group Messaging and more coming to Windows ...

Windows Live Messenger, Facebook chat and AOL Instant Messenger all
integrated under Messaging--and remember, we heard this is rumored to be a
dual data/SMS system, making it really reliable even when your connection
is not. ...

New Mango Features Revealed: Facebook Chat, Office 365, Group ...

By Pradeep
1) Facebook chat integration along with Windows Live Messenger in Messaging
Hub. 2) As Microsoft promised, Office 365 support is coming to Windows
Phone along with Skydrive and Sharepoint integration. 3) Games/Xbox Hub
gets an overhaul ...

Facebook for lawyers : Wonderful relationship building medium for ...

By Kevin O'Keefe
Relationships with other people, no matter where those relationships
emanate from, can lead to business for lawyers. Facebook should be looked
at by.
Real Lawyers Have Blogs

Photography: Printing Photos From Facebook — The Spohrs Are ...

By Heather
I store all my photos on an online sharing site, but a lot of people use
Facebook to share and store their photos. So many times my friends have
uploaded the cutest pictures of me or Annie, and I've had.
The Spohrs Are Multiplying...

Hold Communication Line Open Through Facebook Video Chat ...

Press Releases, Free Press Release Distribution Services and Marketing.
Free Press Release Submission

Facebook Application Conversion from FBML to IFrame by ...

By Ahsan
I currently have 7 gaming applications on the Facebook Platform. Since FB
has stopped supporting FBML applications, I need these converted from FBML
to IFrame and the games to be recoded. Also,… (Budget: $250-$750 CAD,
Jobs: AJAX, HTML, ...

School Reunions? Nah, I've Got Facebook | KOSU Radio

By KOSU News
Nah, I've Got Facebook. Filed by KOSU News in US News. May 15, 2011.

Facebook was created for college students to get in touch with each other.
It has helped people stay in touch online so well, that it might be hurting
attendance at ...
KOSU Radio

Facebook for Business eBook – The Ultimate Guide - Review of ...

By admin
"I thought I had taught myself a reasonable amount about Facebook Pages for
businesses. However, not only did Marc's e-Book on Facebook for Business
clarify some points I was not sure about, but also helped me to extend that
knowledge. ...



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