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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Facebook's updated privacy controls take it beyond Google+'s Circles

Facebook's updated privacy controls take it beyond Google+'s Circles
By Aayush Arya
Facebook unveiled a bevy of privacy and location-related changes today that
may give it an edge over Google+.
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Facebook fighting Twitter, Google with acquisitions
By Todd Haselton
Facebook is expecting to acquire a total of 20 new companies in 2011 in an
effort to better compete with Twitter and Google, Bloomberg reported on
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Foursquare wins major victory with death of Facebook Places ...
By Sean Ludwig
While Facebook was rolling out some changes to its privacy policies today,
the company also quietly announced it was killing off the Foursquare-like
Places function inside of its mobile app. The Facebook Places feature was
unveiled a ...

Facebook Just Killed Places
By Sam Biddle
Facebook Just Killed Places Remember Places, the Facebook Foursquare clone
feature you probably didn't use? I say probably, because Facebook just axed
it entirely, BI reports, admitting inevitable defeat in the check-in war.

Facebook Rolls Out Major, Sweeping Privacy Changes
By Matt Rosoff
Facebook says it's not because of Google+, but it sure looks reactionary.

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