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Saturday, May 14, 2011

EXPOSED: Facebook's Plan To Plant Anti-Google Stories in the Press

EXPOSED: Facebook's Plan To Plant Anti-Google Stories in the Press

By Stan Schroeder
Facebook has admitted hiring a PR firm to "raise concern" about
Google's privacy practices, but the campaign backfired when an agent from
the firm was caught trying to "help" a prominent blogger write a
critical piece on one of Google's ...
Mashable | The Social Media GuideBusi...

Facebook paid PR firm to pitch journalists negative Google stories ...

By Nathan Olivarez-Giles
Facebook admitted to hiring a PR firm to pitch news outlets and bloggers
stories criticizing a Google feature called Social Circle. Social Circle
collects and tracks data on the social media activity of a Google user and
their friends.

Sleazy PR Firm Throws Scummy Facebook Under The Sordid Bus

By MG Siegler
It's pretty rare for a story to be one part sad, one part fascinating, and
twenty parts sleazy. Luckily, Facebook and Burson-Marsteller have just
handed exactly that to us on a silver platter. As you've undoubtedly seen
by now, ...

Facebook and Twitter are TV's new 'power brokers' - Lost Remote

By Cory Bergman
"Facebook and Twitter are now power brokers for the global television
industry," explains the executive summary. "Their ability to create new
business opportunities and engage viewers, boosting advertising and pay-TV
revenue, ...
Lost Remote

Facebook ups security with Login Approvals – Tech Products & Geek ...

By Matthew Humphries
May. 12, 2011 - Facebook has more users than any other service on the
Internet, so you can imagine it draws hackers like a honeypot tryng to
break in and steal information.

Facebook Partners with Security Startup, Protects Users From ...

By Dan Rowinski
Facebook and Internet security startup Web of Trust have announced a
partnership today that will protect users from clicking potentially
malicious links from the social media platform. Web of Trust (WOT) is a
company that determines ...

Facebook Teams Up With Web of Trust

By Martin Brinkmann
Web of Trust is a community driven website reputation service. It is
available as a look-up service on the company website, and as an automated
software for.
gHacks Technology News | Latest...

Google Smear Campaign Leaves Facebook Looking Desperate

By The Huffington Post News Editors
A failed attempt to discredit Google in an ongoing war to capture users,
good will, and user information has backfired, hurting Facebook's
reputation. The social networking company's efforts to launch a smear
campaign against Google ...
The Full Feed from

Facebook Fesses Up To Being Behind Google Smear Campaign - The ...

By Chris Morran
Earlier this week it was revealed that a top PR firm was, on behalf on an
unnamed client, testing the waters of the blogosphere, trying to find
writers to post anti-Google items with promises of getting that content
linked on bigger ...
The Consumerist

Facebook Caught In Anti-Google Smear Campaign: Pics, Videos, Links ...

Facebook Caught In Anti-Google Smear Campaign: How does the 2nd most
trafficked site in the world plan on becoming #1? By hiring a PR firm to
plant negative stories about the competition! Here's a brief point-by-point
recap of what you ...
BuzzFeed - Latest

Facebook Hired Ex-Reporters To Smear Google |

By Perez Hilton
Mark Zuckerberg, say it ain´t so! While we aren´t surprised to see big
companies using bullshizz tactics like this, why would Facebook need to?
Yeah, Google is huge and all, but...
Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity...

Facebook's stealth attack on Google exposes its own privacy ...

By steven
But here's what makes the least sense—if there were privacy problems
about Facebook information in Google Social Circle (which has now been
transformed into a different product called Social Search), they may well
have been a result of ...



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