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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Selling Your Products From Facebook Is Now Possible With the Launch of the ...

Selling Your Products From Facebook Is Now Possible With the Launch of the ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
With the increasing popularity of the social networking giant Facebook,
businesses have been looking for ways to capitalize on the marketing
efforts invested on this platform. Using LunarStore, businesses can both
showcase products and allow their ...
Facebook Firings: Feds, Managers Navigate 'New Territory' In Employment
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON -- The federal agency tasked with enforcing labor law has been
fielding complaints from workers across the country who have been fired or
disciplined for their work-related indiscretions on Facebook. Although the
feds have taken up the cases ...

How Google+ can keep tech's fashionistas buzzing
The wannabe Facebook, the Twitter killer, the next great thing in social
media, went live just over a month ago. And already tech fashionistas are
looking for the next thing. Just last week came word that Google+ traffic
was beginning to dip. ...

Facebook adds 'I'm Expecting' family member status option, stirs controversy ...
New York Daily News
BY Joyce Chen Facebook has unveiled its latest option, allowing expectant
parents to announce their baby news online to strangers everywhere. What do
you think of the Facebook option for expectant parents? I think it's a
great way to share the happy ...

Facebook and teachers do not mix
What do you think about the State of Missouri passing a law that governs
social communication between teachers and students? Who should be
responsible for a teenagers online activities? Let us know by leaving a
comment here or on our Facebook page.

Facebook Becoming Worldwide Yearbook Of Identification
According to a new study, one in three people can be identified on Facebook
by using just a photograph. Researchers took a picture of 93 volunteers to
use this method to track them down on the social networking site by using
publicly available software ...

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