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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Dangerous Is Facebook's Facial Recognition Software?

How Dangerous Is Facebook's Facial Recognition Software?
Big Think
Rather than laboriously tagging photos of your friends, Facebook released
facial recognition software last winter that makes educated guesses about
who is in your photos. Rolling out the software slowing and allowing users
to opt out quelled criticism ...

New Missouri Law Bans 'Exclusive' Online Contact Between Teachers, Students
Fox News
By Joshua Rhett Miller Senate Bill 54 was designed to protect children from
sexual misconduct by teachers, but one provision of the legislation bans
teachers from having a nonwork-related website -- like Facebook and other
social networking services ...

Are Twitter and Facebook Anti-Social Networks?
Seems everyone is on Twitter and Facebook, but not I. Here's why I'm
anti-social network. Do you feel trapped by the anti-social nature of
Twitter and Facebook? In less than four minutes, every teenager in Sweet
Apple, Ohio, is aware that Hugo and Kim ...

Is Google Plus the New Facebook?
Google Plus is the new invitation-only social media kid on the block that
wants to knock Facebook off the mountain. It has some significant
advantages that Facebook can only dream about. Should you switch? The
Google+ sign in screen. ...

Brandon Melcic Fired Gun Over Facebook Dispute After Rival Threw Rocks At His ...
Huffington Post
He brandished his gun, according to the Northwest Indiana Times, because of
a confrontation on Facebook that spilled over into the real world. When
authorities arrived on the scene, a 26-year-old man from California was
also present. ...

Legal expert: Facebook strike anarchistic
Recent protests clock into workplaces with thousands of employees joining
Facebook groups for one-day strike. Lawyers caution of legal implications;
however, some contend that 'this might be a legitimate quasi-political
strike that has acknowledged ...

For car dealers, Facebook draws fans, but not sales
Philadelphia Inquirer
"I'm very unhappy with Facebook," Millevoi repeated - for the fourth time.
He sold 400 to 500 cars in 2010, but only one through Facebook. Millevoi
constructed the fan page in January 2010 and slowly gathered a legion of
415 fans composed of relatives, ...

Zynga expands 'Words With Friends' from mobile to Facebook
Zynga will port its popular Words With Friends from smartphones to
Facebook, heralding the first time the social gaming giant has expanded a
mobile title to the Facebook platform (instead of vice versa). Zynga's
Words with Friends expands from mobile ...

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