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Monday, May 16, 2011

More Windows Phone 7.5 features leak, Facebook chat built-in ...

More Windows Phone 7.5 features leak, Facebook chat built-in ...

By Tom Warren
Microsoft will integrate Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat and AOL
instant messenger into the messaging hub of Windows Phone 7.5. The people
hub will show Windows Phone 7.5 users which services they are currently
logged into. ...

still on facebook | Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist

By tomfishburne
Andrew Blakeley conducted an interesting "Find us on Facebook"
experiment recently after hearing his boss say: "This morning my yoghurt
told me to find it on Facebook. It didn't tell me why, it just told me to
find it. ...
Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist

Man Dies Due to A New Facebook Craze Called "Planking"

By Kwame Opam
An Australian man plunged to his death today, with officials saying the
fall was due to a new Facebook phenomenon called planking. Planking, or
strategically lying on peculiar things and snapping a picture of it,
suddenly seems less ...

The Semi-Unofficial Facebook Graph API Explorer

By Alex Stone
Facebook Graph The Facebook Graph API is great and in one year has
thoroughly upgraded Facebook's approach to its platform. The Graph API is
much simpler than previous iterations of Facebook's APIs and Connection
methods. ...

Facebook Fridays » Sa24mi02 Still Leads in facebook fridays on ...

By Seth Shafer
The $3.30 Facebook Fridays tournaments run each Friday at 20:00 CET, with
the password for each event available at the bwin Poker Facebook page. To
get the password, "Like" the page, then click the "Facebook Fridays" tab at
the left of ...
bwin poker blog

Beckham's Facebook page now has 10 million likes! | Firstpost

Soccer star David Beckham's Facebook page has gathered more than 10 million

Infinite Fb – Total Understanding of Facebook Ads | Dog Training ...

By John Hocking
A few Dog Training products I can recommend: Infinite Fb - Total
Understanding of Facebook Ads Infinite Fb is a step by step training
system, teaching people.
Dog Training Advice

no more posting lurid atrocity photos to facebook for you heroes ...

By niqnaq
A new threat has arisen recently, in the form of social networks such as
Facebook, to which soldiers have posted photographs and operational details
that tarnished the IDF's image and may also have jeopardized security. ...

Facebook: 'planking' pics drawing big audience

By Jay Cables
Facebook pages that have attracted large numbers of planking fans have pics
of plankers doing their thing on chimneys, the backs of camels, railway
lines, fire hydrants, escalators, street signs ... you name it. ...
Drive-by Times

Sourcing3 Buyer & Supplier Magazine - Facebook's New Messages ...

By admin
The platform appears to be an extension of Facebook's chat capabilities.
For example, communications won't have subject, "to," or "cc"
lines. Pay-per-click expert and Facebook guru Dennis Yu calls the new
Messages platform a tool that ...
Sourcing3 Buyer & Supplier Magazine

Facebook and Google Social Circle: Who is Actually Invading Your ...

By Sci/Tech - Google News and Google Social Circle: Who is Actually Invading
Your Privacy?PC World IndiaThe second half of last week started off with a
huge tussle between internet giants Facebook and Google. Reports flowed
about how ...

How Your Facebook Info Would Sound in the Real World [VIDEO]

By twitter:@mashsocialmedia
Trying to imagine our online behaviors in an offline world has been the
subject of many a viral video.The latest installment in this vein is "The
Offline Social Network." This clip comes from Australian comedy show
Hungry Beast and ...
TweetMeme - Technology



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