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Monday, September 12, 2011

Threats posted on White House Facebook page

Threats posted on White House Facebook page
By Jonathan Dienst and Shimon Prokupecz Threatening messages have been
posted on the White House Facebook page amid heightened alerts surrounding
a possible 9/11 terror threat. "We'll come back USA One day only
11/9/2011," says one message, ...

4 Successful and Creative Facebook Contests
Facebook adds another layer of ease to the process: Consumers are already
there doing something else. If the promotion looks interesting enough,
filling out an online form isn't that big a deal. Rodney Mason, the chief
marketing officer of promotions ...

Facebook Edges Out Toilets On Survey of "Things You Can't Live Without"
To urinate or update Facebook with pics from last night's drunken
debauchery? That is the fundamental anatomical pop culture question for our
time. This is true! You see, according to a new survey about life's
necessities, people with bladders far ...

9/11 Memorial Day: Threats Against US Posted on White House Facebook Page
International Business Times
... Reporter | September 11, 2011 2:56 PM EDT Amid a heightened state of
security in New York and Washington during 9/11 memorial events shaded by a
new "credible" terror threat, threatening messages have been posted on the
White House Facebook page. ...

Facebook 'Pioneers' group celebrates what members call the heyday of South Beach (blog)
They recently created a Facebook group — a technologically modern way to
capture and safeguard vintage moments. In posts and pictures, they
celebrate the Beach of two decades past — the 1980s and 1990s — before
the big-box stores, ...

Hacker group draws increased scrutiny from feds
The Associated Press
Some members of the group have also called for shutting down Facebook in
November over privacy issues, although other Anonymous followers are
disavowing such an attack — underscoring just how loosely organized the
group is and how problematic it is to ...

Herald-Press Facebook Feedback on 9/11
Palestine Herald Press
PALESTINE — "Was trying to board a flight out of DFW to Great Falls MT.
and the customer service attendant would not check our bags. He just told
us over and over all flights were grounded and pointed towards the TV in
the bar. ...

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