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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Google+ Becomes Fastest Growing Web Site Ever; But Can it Catch Facebook?

Google+ Becomes Fastest Growing Web Site Ever; But Can it Catch Facebook?
International Business Times
After all, Facebook took three years to reach 25 million users. But those
were the days before 120 million people walked around with an iPhone. Those
were the days when social media was in its infancy. Those the days when
before millions of people had ...

Google+ Panic At Facebook? Engineers Embrace Another "Lockdown" In Response To ...
Business Insider
Q: Has Facebook gone into lockdown mode in response to Google+? I've heard
from a reliable source the Facebook has gone into lockdown and cancelled
various summer events in response to Google+. A: I work with Facebook
engineering, and I can say the ...

Facebook facial recognition software violates privacy laws, says Germany
The Guardian
An estimaged 75bn photos have been uploaded to Facebook since it was set up
by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Photograph: Mike Kepka/San Francisco
Chronicle/Corbis Facebook is threatened with legal action in Germany over
its facial recognition software, ...

Facebook Lets Expectant Parents Share the News with 'Expected: Child'
By Brennon Slattery, PCWorld Aug 3, 2011 8:23 AM Facebook has added a
feature that lets expectant parents add unborn children to the "Friends and
Family" section of their profiles by selecting "Expected: Child" on the
drop-down list. ...

Murderer Posed As Woman On Facebook To Lure Rival
A spurned man lured his love's new boyfriend to his death by pretending to
be a woman via Facebook. Israel Nieves, 19, of Orange County, Florida,
allegedly set up a phony Facebook account under the guise of a woman named
Ty-Ann, to approach his ex's ...

Missouri 'Facebook Law' Limits Teacher-Student Interactions Online, Draws ...
Huffington Post
Maybe you peer over their shoulders while they check their Facebook pages,
or try to catch glimpses of IM conversations they have with their friends.
But do you worry about how they communicate online with their teachers? A
new Missouri state law make ...

Why we'll never have innovative e-books
By Tim Carmody, WIRED The ideas and technology behind Push Pop Press will
be integrated with Facebook, according to its website. (WIRED) -- Push Pop
Press, an e-publishing startup founded by ex-Apple engineers Mike Matas and
Kimon Tsinteris, ...

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