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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Named 'Worst Dressed' in Silicon Valley

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Named 'Worst Dressed' in Silicon Valley
Hollywood Reporter
Mark Zuckerberg is known for a lot of things -- starting Facebook,
inspiring the Aaron Sorkin-David Fincher movie The Social Network -- but
fashion is not one of them. The CEO and co-founder of the social networking
giant has been ranked the worst ...

The Problem With Google+ Is That It's Work Facebook
Sure, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are marketing havens now. But none of
them started off that way. There was, in fact, real skepticism as to what a
brand would do on Twitter for its first few years. Those services took off
precisely as places where ...

Should Facebook Give Users an Unfiltered News Feed?
We recently asked readers of Google and Facebook should be filtering our
content for us? Many of you said no, but that's what both have been doing
for quite some time through various forms of personalization. It's
partially about noise reduction, ...

Germany challenges Facebook on facial recognition, citing EU privacy laws
By Amar Toor posted Aug 4th 2011 8:50AM Facebook's facial recognition
feature probably won't find too many smiles in Germany, where federal
regulators are challenging the social network to change its ways, or face
the consequences. ...

After Facebook poll, company to create external Thunderbolt graphics card ...
by Rich Brown Village Instruments has said on a Facebook post today that it
plans to design and sell a Thunderbolt-based external graphics card
enclosure for use with Thunderbolt-equipped Macs. Anandtech first reported
the announcement, which came as a ...

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