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Monday, July 18, 2011

U. researcher creates a 'Facebook' for cancers to help identify treatments

U. researcher creates a 'Facebook' for cancers to help identify treatments
Deseret News
Frey doesn't call his creation "Facebook for cancers" by whim. He actually
used computer algorithms in his software that are commonly found on social
networking sites. "I think it's very interesting that he would want to
apply algorithms from social ...

Why Facebook should fear Google+
Times of India
That, of course, would be Facebook. Why else would Google keep trying, over
and over again, to create a social network of the same type? Orkut, Jaiku,
Wave, Buzz -- Google has lobbed forth one fizzled flop after another. And
now there's Google+. ...

HTC Status hits AT&T for $50, hopes you tell your Facebook friends
HTC's QWERTY Facebook phone has gone on sale in the US, with AT&T offering
the HTC Status for just $50 with a new agreement. The Android handset –
which we reviewed as the HTC ChaCha - has a 2.6-inch 480 x 320 touchscreen
above a very usable QWERTY ...

Probation officer uses Facebook to catch man breaking parole
Prosecutors say Scott W. Roby posted pictures of himself drinking on his
Facebook page. Before that, Roby had invited his probation officer to be
his friend on Facebook. The Courier-Journal reports Roby's probation has
been revoked. ...

Facebook game to fight extremism
A social media game with Arab super heroes at its heart has been launched
on Facebook. The man behind the project, Suleiman Bakhit, hopes that Happy
Oasis can create positive role models for children who might otherwise be
enticed by extremist views. ...

Google+ euphoria
International Business Times
While Buzz and Wave sank without a trace, Google Plus is already a visible
force that is challenging Facebook and Twitter. Even with a controlled
invite-only regime, it should cross 20 million users shortly. It goes
without saying that numbers will ...

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