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Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Connect Google+ to Twitter and Facebook

How to Connect Google+ to Twitter and Facebook
PC Magazine
Social networking fiends have been lamenting the lack of third-party apps
on Google+, which, among other things, has made it impossible to
synchronize Google+ with Twitter or Facebook. When you synch Twitter to
Facebook or vice versa, whatever you post ...

All Five 'Jackass' Movies Now Streaming On Facebook
Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two, and Jackass 2.5 can be rented for
30 Facebook credits, or $2.99, by Facebook users 17 and older, and the two
newer installments, Jackass 3D and Jackass 3.5, are available for 40
Facebook credits, or $3.99, ...

Facebook files lawsuit against 25 domain "typosquatters"
The dispute is over domain names that are either typos or closely related
to The giant social network, which calls the owners of these
domains "typosquatters", claims that these domains are examples of
trademark infringement. ...

Facebook Credits Going Mobile?
by Mark Walsh, 8 minutes ago Facebook appears to be taking another step
toward extending its franchise to mobile devices. According to a Bloomberg
report Wednesday, the social networking powerhouse is set to bring its
Facebook Credits virtual currency ...

No Bringing Up Baby on Facebook
New York Times
My mother-in-law posts photos and personal information on Facebook
indiscriminately. But for privacy and safety reasons, I prefer no mention
of my pregnancy on Facebook or anything about our child, even after he is
born. Subtle messages don't always ...

US Debt Ceiling Debate Heats Up On Facebook
With five days to go before the August 2 deadline to increase the US
government's borrowing capacity, called the debt ceiling. constituents are
taking to Facebook to sound-off on lawmakers in Washington, DC Fans are
using Congressional Facebook pages ...

Facebook's Value? -- Is It a Bubble Which Might Mean Trouble?
Huffington Post
Ahead of filing its IPO, Facebook is feeling the pressure of its valuation.
What are the underlying assets that Facebook has gathered? You can't touch
or see the assets. In this case, its "booty" is at least 650 million email
addresses and a zillion ...

iOS Facebook Users Face Frustration
San Francisco Chronicle
Due to a recent update to the popular Facebook for iPhone app, Facebook has
been facing a torrent of complaints, complete with negative ratings on
Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) app store. The update caused users to encounter
crashes, failed to send alerts, ...

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