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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google vs. Facebook: Which Can You Trust?

Google vs. Facebook: Which Can You Trust?
Analysis: Are people flocking to Google+ to escape Facebook's evil
clutches? And if so, is that really such a good idea? By Dan Tynan, ITworld
Since then, some smart folks have pointed out to me that -- hey, looky --
Google is also an advertising ...

Microsoft Social Networking 'Accident' Makes Perfect Sense
But the company has a lot of solid reasons to explore social networking
beyond its relationship with Facebook. Microsoft already owns a minority
stake in Facebook. That's paid some dividends for Redmond, mostly in the
form of new social-networking ...

It's Time for a Social Network Neutrality
Business Insider
Companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have unlocked new ways for
people to connect, curate, and consume. They have changed and continue to
change how we interact with the web - how content is distributed,
discovered, and delivered. ...

Social Hangouts: Facebook Video Chat For Up To 20
An alternative to the Google Hangouts feature on Google Plus was introduced
in the form of Social Hangouts on Facebook, which enables video chatting
with up to 20 friends without leaving the social network's platform. While
Facebook and Skype teamed up ...

NBC, Facebook Team Up on Republican Debate
Multichannel News
The debate will be moderated by David Gregory, will air on NBC as a special
edition of Meet the Press, which Gregory moderates, and will also stream
live on Facebook. The debate will also air live on MSNBC and and
New England Cable News. ...

Facebook used to save the life of a child
TG Daily
According to MedicalXpress, Facebook was recently used to help save the
life of a child. On Mother's Day Deborah Copaken Kogan woke up and saw that
her 4-year old son Leo was sick with a rash. She uploaded a picture of her
son as a status update on ...

Busted by Facebook? Social networking boasts have cost some their freedom
CBS News
(CBS/AP) - Here's a clue to some people who live on the wrong side of the
law: one of the reasons it's called FACEbook - is that people can see your
faces. It's a lesson being learned the hard way by some people who are on
probation. ...

Facebook editions, answer to Google+ threat?
CBS News
According to a Forbes report, the social networking site has asked news
organizations like CNN, Washington Post and The Daily to join forces to
create an app called Facebook editions. The new app is supposed to launch
this fall. ...

Sears Briefly, Mistakenly Prices iPad 2 at $70
(Click to enlarge) Source: TechCrunch"Unfortunately, today one of the
Marketplace third party sellers told us that they mistakenly posted
incorrect pricing on two Apple iPad models on the Marketplace portion of
the website," Sears wrote on its Facebook ...

Rihanna Tops Lady Gaga as Most Popular Female Star on Facebook
Hollywood Reporter
Rihanna has stopped Lady Gaga as the most popular female star on Facbeook,
according to social media stat service Rihanna has 40884338
fans, while Lady Gaga is closing in with 40773754 as of Monday morning.
Only Eminem tops them both ...

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