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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Facebook Hacks Put California Stalker In Jail For 4 Years

Facebook Hacks Put California Stalker In Jail For 4 Years
A man in California who was caught not only hacking into women's Facebook
accounts, but storing and sharing folders with nude or semi-nude images of
the women was sentenced to four years in jail on Friday by a state judge.
George Bronk was able to use ...

Rethinking Lists, Groups and Circles
Washington Post
By, The recent introduction of Google+ has been fodder for
much Google-versus-Facebook discussion. At the center of the discussion has
been the Circles component of Google+, which allows users to arrange their
contacts in meaningful ...

Facebook, why can't I quit you?
Washington Post
I had been on Facebook for years and had a habit of posting at least once a
day — as a means to keep in touch. My friends had other reasons not to
take me seriously. It wasn't as if last year's "Quit Facebook Day" was
a resounding success. ...

More Americans Are On Facebook Than Have A Passport
Washington Post
Most shocking statistic: 50% of all Americans are on Facebook (155 million)
while only 37% of Americans have a passport (115 million). To its credit,
the Facebook onboarding process is a lot more streamlined. SuperFan badge
holders consistently post ...

How MySpace Tom May Have Inadvertently Triggered The Google/Facebook War
Washington Post
In a comment on (where else) Google+, Anderson tells the story in response
to my most recent post about the Google/Facebook war before Google+. Based
on a Quora thread, I noted that the 2006 search/ad deal Google signed with
MySpace (Fox Interactive ...

Facebook: Don't even think about putting Google+ ads here
CNET (blog)
by Chris Matyszczyk It seems only moments ago that Google+ aficionado
Michael Lee Johnson rose to prominence after a Facebook ad he tried to
place--asking people to follow him on Google+--was disappeared by Facebook.
Should you remember all the colors ...

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