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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Facebook Files Lawsuits Against Facemook, Faecbook, ffacebook

Facebook Files Lawsuits Against Facemook, Faecbook, ffacebook
Social networking giant Facebook has filed a lawsuit against 25 domain name
holders, which have been accused of infringing its trademark. The domain
names, or 'typosquatters' as Facebook calls them, are using typos or names
similar to ''. ...

IPO Analysis: Does Zynga Really Need Facebook?
Seeking Alpha
The redacted agreement between Facebook and Zynga covering what has been
described as its symbiotic relationship. All payments for Zynga's games
must go through Facebook and use the Facebook credits system even gift
cards and any gift card fraud is the ...

Google+ Games Round the Corner to Hit Facebook's Popularity?
International Business Times
By IB Times Staff Reporter | July 29, 2011 6:59 AM EDT Search engine giant
Google, reportedly, is set to launch a social gaming network this month to
counter the popularity of Facebook games. Google, as per the cost, is
expected to take less than 30 ...

Skype 5.5 for Windows released, integrates Facebook features
Its headline feature is deeper integration with Facebook. Once installed,
you'll be able to see which Facebook friends are online and chat directly
from Skype itself, plus update your Skype Mood and Facebook status
together. You can also view, ...

Fugitive taunts police on Facebook, gets arrested
By Dean Wilson A NEW YORK FUGITIVE taunted police on Facebook to catch him
if they could, so they did. Victor Burgos, 29, was wanted by the police in
Utica, New York for domestic violence and harassment of his ex-girlfriend.
Multiple warrants had been ...

Facebook Censor 'Nevermind'
Facebook have lifted a ban on the cover of Nirvana's 'Nevermind' album
appearing on their website. The release of 'Nevermind' remains a seminal
rock moment. The point where underground rock met the mainstream, it
rocketed to number one and dis-placed ...

Google, Facebook, Shopping, Glamour Top US Internet Sphere
International Business Times
However, social networking sites like Facebook, online luxury magazines
like Glam Media, sports and entertainment sites like Turner Digital and
Viacom seem to be gaining in popularity. American web users show a marked
trend towards networking, ...

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Business Insider
The War Of Words On "Glee" Has Derailed A Spinoff -- Will It Destroy The
Original Show, Too? It's getting difficult to keep up with the war of words
unfolding inside "Glee." A few weeks back, show creator Ryan Murphy
confirmed that Lea Michele, ...

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