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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An ex-Googler's inside view on Google+ vs. Facebook

An ex-Googler's inside view on Google+ vs. Facebook
Much of it centers around competition with Facebook, and whether or not it
will succeed in unseating the latter as the dominant social networking
site. I have a somewhat unique perspective on the matter, since I worked
under the Google+ project ...

Facebook Advertising Increases 19-Fold This Year
Brand advertising is skyrocketing on Facebook, up 104 percent in the second
quarter of 2011 compared with the first quarter, and up a staggering 1900
percent versus the year-ago quarter, according to TBG Digital. Retail, in
particular, has seen ...

Mark W. Smith: Android-based Status designed for instant interaction with Facebook
Detroit Free Press
Mark W. Smith: Android-based Status designed for instant interaction with
Facebook Review: HTC Status: Technology columnist Mark W. Smith reviews the
HTC Status, a smartphone from AT&T with Facebook integration. Facebook
isn't exactly hurting for more ...

Facebook Support Surges for Woman Who Allegedly Groped TSA Officer
ABC News
Five Facebook pages dedicated to Yukari Miyamae have already been created,
four of them offering her support. Some have dramatically dubbed her the
"21st century Rosa Parks" and are using her story as an outlet to vent
frustrations about the TSA. ...

Florida Teen Kills Parents, Then Hosts Facebook Party
A Florida teen brutally bashed his parents to death with a hammer, then
threw a party organized with Facebook invites while his victims lay in
their master bedroom. Tyler Hadley (pictured), 17, a Port St. Lucie,
Florida resident seemed extremely ...

Facebook Joins NBC to Host GOP Primary Debate
By Margaret Rock | Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:55 am Facebook will team up with
NBC's "Meet the Press" Team to host the final GOP debate before the New
Hampshire primaries, another example of the growing importance of social
media in politics. ...

Facebook shares ad revenue with Zynga, SEC filing reveals
For the first time, social games maker Zynga has revealed one of the
secrets of its success: A revenue-sharing agreement with Facebook. The
agreement, disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange
Commission, gives Zynga a slice of the revenue ...

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