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Monday, June 13, 2011

Visit the New Facebook scare spreads on Facebook | Naked Security

Visit the New Facebook scare spreads on Facebook | Naked Security
By Graham Cluley
Warnings are being posted across Facebook, warning users to beware messages
from friends that invite them to "Visit the New Facebook". But is it a real
threat, or a hoax?
Naked Security

Facebook "Friends" - Transterrestrial Musings
By Rand Simberg
I've commented in the past that I'm much more selective about whom I friend
on Facebook than a lot of people seem to be. I will never respond to a
friend request from someone who I don't know, in the sense of having met
them either on ...
Transterrestrial Musings

Facebook Facial Recognition — Slaw
By Omar Ha-Redeye
Social media users are up in arms this week with the revelation that
Facebook is using facial recognition software to provide tagging
suggestions. Of course the primary objection is that users feel that they
were not provided adequate ...

E3: Fruit Ninja Frenzy on Facebook is what you'd expect- Destructoid
By Bob Muir
I'll admit, I never bought Fruit Ninja. That's mainly because I live in a
technological dark age devoid of fancy, expensive smart phones, where my

Google and Facebook are Killing Innovation | Facebook and Google ...
By Chinmoy Kanjilal
Google and Facebook are killing entrepreneurship. They hire talent pools
and focus their highly constructive energies on the same tasks and same
Techie Buzz



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