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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Surprise! Facebook Credits and Apple's iTunes Play Nice With Each ...

Surprise! Facebook Credits and Apple's iTunes Play Nice With Each ...
By Tricia Duryee
Facebook has Credits, Apple has iTunes, and then there's the plethora of
points and coins found on the major consoles and online services. Here's
how a common currency is beginning to take shape, which will benefit both
the consumer and ...

France bans Twitter, Facebook mentions on TV, in the name of ...
By Amar Toor
The words 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' are now verboten on French TV, because
France thought it'd be a good idea to follow its own laws. Last.

Top 10 Facebook "Places" Includes Company HQ
By Sarah Perez
According to social media software maker Wildfire, the top 10 spots for
Facebook check-ins include several airports, Disneyland, Times Square NYC
and, um... Facebook headquarters. That's right. Out of Facebook's nearly
700 million users ...

4 Facebook Marketing Tips for Entertainment Brands
By Leyl Master Black
Because the most effective Facebook marketing programs often combine
compelling content with personality, entertainment brands are uniquely
positioned to succeed on this platform.

Gamers rejoice: Facebook Credits and Apple's iTunes will soon be ...
By Courtney Boyd Myers
Currently in the gaming world, if you are playing the same game by the same
company, you must buy a different set of currencies when shifting between
Facebook, iTunes and your different gaming consoles. But it looks as though
Facebook ...
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