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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Ultimate Facebook Plugin Is Here! Auto-post, like and send ...

The Ultimate Facebook Plugin Is Here! Auto-post, like and send ...
By Ronnie Burt
Today the team at WPMU DEV released the beta of what we believe to be the
ultimate Facebook plugin! You could combine a dozen existing plugins.
WordPress News at
Facebook Is Number One Tool For Divorce Lawyers - The Consumerist
By Ben Popken
The days of finding lipstick on a shirt collar are over. All you need now
is to look on a cheating spouse's Facebook wall, as one man in a 20-year
long marriage learned. KOMO has the sad story of a man whose wife
reconnected with an old ...
The Consumerist

FriendCaster Tab Facebook App for Honeycomb Review | Android Community
By Chris Burns
Welcome to FriendCaster Tab, the very first Facebook client specifically
optimized for Android 3.0/3.1 Honeycomb. This application is a super simple
one, so the.
Android Community

Friend Us on Facebook for More Productive Time Wasting - Lifehacker
By Whitson Gordon
Facebook acts as a guilty time-wasting pleasure to many a nine-to-fiver.
Wouldn' t it be great if Facebook could make you feel productive by
sprinkling your news feed with a few life hacking tips? With the trusty
Lifehacker Facebook page ...

On Facebook, People Are More Interested In This Guy For President ...
By Matt Rosoff
Experian Hitwise measured visits to the Facebook pages created for
potential and real presidential candidates, and Bloomberg came in 10th
place with a paltry 281 visits last week. That's less than former Dead
Kennedys singer Jello ...
SAI: Silicon Alley Insider



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