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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Facebook's mobile website more popular than its apps

Facebook's mobile website more popular than its apps
CNN International
By Amy Gahran, Special to CNN A social media researcher has found that
one-third of all Facebook posts are made from mobile devices. Editor's
note: Amy Gahran writes about mobile tech for She is a San
Francisco Bay Area writer and media ...

 Why Matt Drudge Still Beats Mark Zuckerberg
17, 2011, 4:00pm PT No Comments Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might be
Time's reigning Person of the Year, but when it comes to influencing the
distribution of online news, he's still no match for Matt Drudge. Facebook
is closing in on 700 million users ...

Facebook, Google Call Social Networking Bill Unnecessary
International Business Times
By Gabriel Perna | May 17, 2011 6:32 PM EDT Facebook and other social
networking companies including its rival Google, are joining forces against
a privacy favored bill in California. The bill, SB 242 or the Social
Networking Privacy Act, ...

Unlike: Couple Names Their Baby After Facebook's 'Like' Button
PC Magazine
But the news that an Israeli couple named their baby girl after Facebook's
"Like" button is drawing plenty of criticism on Mashable, which spotted the
item at the Hebrew-language Israeli news site Galgaletz earlier this week.

Microsoft Bing`s Facebook Alliance Offers Social Data Galore
By Nicholas Kolakowski on 2011-05-17 Microsoft likes Facebook. Microsoft
likes Facebook to the point where it's incorporated the social network's
"Like" button into a broad swath of its Bing search engine's search
results and applications. ...

Making Sense of SecondMarket's Trading Numbers
With fast-growing hot companies like Facebook staying private, savvy
accredited investors are increasingly looking to SecondMarket, which trades
private company shares, for a piece of the action. SecondMarket released
its first-quarter trading numbers ...

Facebook simulated entire data center prior to launch
Before turning on its new custom-built data center in Prineville, Oregon,
Facebook simulated the facility inside one of its two existing data center
regions. Known as Project Triforce, the simulation was designed to pinpoint
places where engineers had ...

Remaining Trio of UFC 130 Prelims to Stream on Facebook
by Mike Whitman ( Three preliminary bouts will stream
live on social networking site Facebook prior to the UFC 130 pay-per-view
and Spike TV "Prelims Live" broadcasts. UFC 130, which goes down May 28
at MGM Grand Garden Arena in ...

Mining Facebook to Make a Real Photo Album
Wall Street Journal
By KATHERINE BOEHRET As kids, we're taught to share and share alike, and
nowhere is this more clear than on Facebook, where some 600 million users
share private details about their lives—and a lot of that sharing
involves photos. ...

Do Facebook and Google Control Too Much Personal Information?
The Atlantic
By Nicholas Jackson More than three-quarters (76 percent) of Americans
believe that online companies, such as Facebook and Google, know too much
about our browsing habits and control too much of our personal information,
according to a recent ...

How to Protect Android Devices From Newly Discovered Facebook, Calendar Exploit
To avoid getting your account illegally accessed, avoid the Facebook and
Twitter apps for Android when on an open Wi-Fi connection. Simply use your
browser of choice and navigate to the https version of these pages. Kill
the Calendar app while you're ...

Facebook Security: You're the Problem
PC Magazine
What is it about Facebook that makes it such a magnet for attacks? I can
list 500 million reasons. By Lance Ulanoff Roughly twice a month I tweet a
warning about a new Facebook scam. Earlier this month, it was the
admonishment not to click on links ...

AusCERT demo piques police interest
ZDNet Australia
Queensland Police is conducting an investigation following a Facebook
demonstration at the AusCERT security conference this week, having already
approached a journalist on the matter. Fairfax Journalist Ben Grubb
published an article today on a ...

Is Facebook the Next MySpace? For Media Sales, Maybe.
17, 2011, 4:37pm PT No Comments Facebook is becoming more and more like
MySpace, and that's not a good thing for the media business. But don't
worry — I'm not gonna predict that millions and millions of people are
ready to abandon Facebook for the ...

Pizarro: Symphony Silicon Valley seeking Facebook votes to help spark arts ...
San Jose Mercury News
By Sal Pizarro Symphony Silicon Valley wants to send every elementary
school student in Santa Clara County to a professional arts event, and it
hopes its Facebook friends can help make that happen. The program, ArtSpark
Silicon Valley, is aimed at kids ...

Facebook Dislike Button Scam Gets More Sophisticated [WARNING]
Facebook does not have a dislike button, but that hasn't stopped spammers
from trying to use it to scam users. Online security firm Sophos rang the
security alarm Monday with a post warning users about a scam that asks
people to enable the dislike ...

Why Facebook's 'Whisper Campaign' Against Google Isn't Okay
SF Weekly (blog)
That's the case -- somewhat -- with his latest column, wherein he wonders
why people are so shocked that Facebook hired a PR firm to plant negative
stories about Google. His message seems to be: well, that's what PR firms
do. ...

Will Square Enix Resort To Facebook Games?
Gaming Union
There's no doubt that the mobile/social scene will likely generate some
form of income as there remains no loss in republishing older games, not to
mention there are a number of creatives that have earned plenty of income
through Facebook apps. ...

Taking your Facebook information to the streets
By Drew Grant For all our complaining about Facebook privacy issues, has it
ever occurred to anyone to just not put up every personal detail and
debaucherous Saturday night photo on the social networking site? After all,
you wouldn't tell a total ...

UFC 130 Continues Facebook Trend, All Non-Televised Prelims Will Stream on ...
After announcing two UFC 130 preliminary bouts on Spike TV, in addition to
the five main card bouts on pay-per-view already announced, the UFC
confirmed that the three remaining preliminary bouts would stream live on
its Facebook page. ...

Facebook City
New York Observer
It included plans to put important city news on a Facebook page,
reinvigorate the city's home page, build additional public wi-fi and create
a .nyc domain name. Combined with the mayor's plan to create a new
applied-sciences college campus, ...

Today in the news: Israel couple name baby 'Like' after Facebook
Ag Journal
By Anonymous A couple in Israel like Facebook so much, they decided to name
their baby "Like," after the Facebook tool. Watch the report below. The
reason for the split of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver became
clear on Tuesday after it was ...

Celebrating the next netboom
IT Business Net
By GrabNetworks Investor interest in dot-com entities like Facebook, Zynga,
Groupon, and LinkedIn is reaching a fever pitch. Unlike the earlier net
boom - these websites have recognizable revenues, but analysts wonder if
investors are repeating the ...



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