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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Facebook's Coal Problem | The Energy Collective

Facebook's Coal Problem | The Energy Collective
By MarcGunther
Which bring us to Facebook and its coal problem. By some accounts, Facebook
is the world's most visited website. Greenpeace, as a result, has made
Facebook the target of a campaign called Unfriend Coal, which has its own
Facebook pages ...
The Energy Collective

Twitter and Facebook Kill RSS – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily ...
By Jeffrey Zeldman
Twitter, Facebook and to a certain extent Google are shaping up the new
"reality " in the WWW. If you have something to say, you "do" it
through their gates, the rest (what floats outside their world) will end up
in the bin. ...
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The...

Facebook Publishes Guide to Social Marketing Best Practices
By John Paul Titlow
Facebook recently published a PDF document giving businesses a guide to
best practices for marketing on the massive social networking site. The
14-page document, titled "Best Practice Guide: ...

Everything you need to know about Facebook's EdgeRank - TNW Social ...
By Dan Taylor
The minute that you or your brand creates an object on Facebook, an initial
edge has already been made. Each successive time a friend or a fan
interacts with this object, an additional edge is created. Liking an
object, tagging a photo, ...
The Next Web

Defacing Andrew Bynum's Facebook Page | WebProNews
By Chris Richardson
Perhaps this is old hat, but if you haven't seen it, it's new to you.
Normally, when the thought of defacing Internet profiles come to mind, one
looks to.
WebProNews » Facebook


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