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Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook Adds Page Tagging To Photos

Facebook Adds Page Tagging To Photos

By Dan Rowinski
Facebook announced today that it is launching a feature where users can tag
Pages in photos. That means users can now tag brands, businesses, musicians
and personalities in their photo streams. Take a picture of your friend
holding ...
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7-Eleven (Almost) Covers Up Facebook Fail | Adweek

Check out the short-lived 7-Eleven Facebook status update above, posted on
May 3 and quickly deleted, apparently within minutes—though not before
someone took a screen grab and sent it to Peter Shankman, who posted it for
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AdWeek : Advertising

WATCH: Mom, Log Off Facebook, Video Urges

By Jackie Cohen
A bold advertisement asks moms to log off of Facebook and play with their
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All Facebook

Brands will love this: Facebook adds Page tagging to photos - TNW ...

By Courtney Boyd Myers
Today, Facebook just gave social media managers a big wet kiss, giving
users the ability to tag the pages of brands and companies in photos.
According to Inside Facebook, Page tagged photos are still adhering to each
user's privacy ...
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The Next Web

Facebook reportedly disables account of attorney Mark S ...

By Nathan Olivarez-Giles
Mark S. Zuckerberg, an Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney, might not consider
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to be a friend. That's because the world's
largest social networking website has shut down the lawyer's personal
Facebook ...
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Social Networking Cigarettes Are Like the Facebook of Sadness

By Adrian Chen
You know what probably no one in the world has ever thought, until this
second? "I wish my cigarettes had social-networking capabilities." But the
engine of innovation churns crazily on, so now there are social networking
electronic ...
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Facebook leaked user data to advertisers — RT

Symantec, a computer security firm, claimed Facebook left a hole in their
security protocols which allowed advertisers quick access to user profiles,
pictures, chats, and other private data. .
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News RSS : Today

Facebook gives advertisers access to millions of user accounts ...

By Emma Woollacott
The security flaw has arisen through Facebook applications, which in some
cases shared their 'access tokens' with advertisers and analytic platforms.
It gave these third parties the ability to access profiles, photos and
chat, ...
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TG Daily

Facebook boots Indianapolis attorney Mark Zuckerberg

Attorney Mark S. Zuckerberg said he's trying to explain to his friends that
he didn't de-friend them on Facebook — the social media giant shut him
down because he shares the name of its founder.,
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Mobile | WISH TV

Sid Meier's Civ World arriving on Facebook this summer | Ubergizmo

By George Wong
It looks like Facebook is going to get a little more unproductive. As if
games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars [...]
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How Google Is Secretly Building Its Facebook Killer

By Nicholas Carlson
Facebook's "social graph" scares the pants off Google – so it's quietly
scraping together its own.
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SAI: Silicon Alley Insider

Calling All Moms: Get The Heck Off Facebook! -

By Megan O'Neill
Facebook is a great tool for staying in touch with friends, sharing
pictures and videos, playing games and more, but many of us spend way too
much time on the social site when we could be doing something
constructive…like playing with ...
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